Breakfast foods

10 Mar

Good morning! One thing I love about weekends is I have time to make a great breakfast. My go to is scrambled eggs, a piece of multi-grain toast, and fruit. Since I started training, the eggs have changed into 2-3 egg whites and 1 egg for all the protein but less cholesterol etc. I think it tastes just as good (sometimes better with seasoning!) and I can have a full balanced plate of food for around 250 cal.

Busy mornings are a different story. I get up and talk to my fiance (we’re long distance) and have about 40 min to get ready for clinical or work and out the door. On these mornings I have 2 favorites, one is oatmeal. I have celiac disease so I buy gluten free oatmeal,  my favorite is Glutenfreeda apple cinnamon. If you eat gluten free and can’t find it, it’s super easy to make your own with GF oats and just add in some fruit and a touch of brown sugar! If you aren’t GF just make sure to read labels and watch the amount of sugar in instant oatmeals.

When I’m really in a hurry, I make peanut butter and honey toast and throw a banana in my bag. This is usually what I opt for if I have a morning workout too. It gives me all the carbs and sugar for a boost but the protein keeps me energized through the workout. If that’s the case, I usually make a protein shake for after  or I’ll come back and just make eggs and fruit (smaller portion, no toast) as a recovery meal. Sugars, like in fruit, are necessary to get the protein to your muscles so might not be the best snack at 10 pm but a great option around workouts or in the morning. …I’ll admit though I get a sweet tooth at night and then I figure fruit is better than chocolate if I don’t have any chocolate protein bars made. (Jamie Eason from has some great protein bar recipes!)

What are your favorite healthy breakfasts?


3 Responses to “Breakfast foods”

  1. Justina Mammeri March 11, 2012 at 3:20 am #

    My favorite breakfast recently is 2 1oz cheese sticks, 1 oz uncooked oatmeal prepared with cinnamon and as many of my 8 oz of berries as i would like. 2 oz usually end up in my oatmeal and I eat 6 ounces plain. I drink water and decaf tea. I am avoiding sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, flour, snacks, wheat, and eating between meals due to obesity.

  2. Trey March 11, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    I like DIY for gluten-free food, because then I know it’s safe. Where did you find a good recipie for GF oatmeal?

    • fitandbusy March 11, 2012 at 8:58 am #

      I just buy Bob’s Red Mill GF oats and follow the directions for cooking those but the rest I just make up as I go. I usually put a spoonful of brown sugar (or a zero calorie sweetener) and then some cut up bananas or blueberries. Sorry that’s not an exact recipe, I can try to find more to post later!

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