Increasing the cardio

19 Mar

Today was pretty laid back but I woke up with a headache so I put off my workout until later in the day. It worked out pretty well, I felt like I could really focus on my workout since I didn’t have too much to do when I got home.

I made peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast and went to my meeting and then came home and reheated the jerk chicken from the other night with some brown rice and green beans and had a chocolate protein brownie for dessert before hitting the gym- I made them with banana-berry baby food so it’s like a chocolate banana bread, so good!

Anyway… I decided since I’m 10 days out from my trip I’d start increasing my cardio and since I wasn’t sure if the headache would come back I started with that.I had been just working it in with more of a cross-training style so today I made it a separate part of the workout.

The Workout:

10 min on a stationary bike on random, level 5

15 min on an arc trainer, hill intervals, level 5

then did 3 rounds of the following circuit:

20 skull crushers into sit-up with extended arms with a 15 lb bar

20 leg raises, holding the 15 lb bar above my head as a counter-weight

10 single arm cable fly/arm

10 single arm cable reverse fly/arm

**for the fly, I did front and then reverse back to back before switching arms

15 oblique twists with cable

After the workout I made sure to stretch out really well, which I think is the most relaxing part of the workout, and figured it should help with the headache. I think with all the traveling and changes I just need to get better about always keeping my water bottle on me and hopefully the headaches won’t come back.



3 Responses to “Increasing the cardio”

  1. Becky Spurbeck March 19, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    Do you have a recipe for the chocolate protein brownie? I’d love to try it! I’ve found some good protein brownies at the gym, but it’s tough to justify a $3.50 snack every time I workout.

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