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Temptation… in moderation

30 Apr

Β I came home from clinical to a finals care package from my (future) mother-in-law. She is such a great baker, and I got 2 homemade treats, a chocolate bar, and some other snacks in my package πŸ™‚ YUM. But, I have very little self control when it comes to baked goods… I guess because I don’t make them very often, and I have always had a sweet tooth.

So, first, I remind myself I am not currently trying to cut weight or compete so some baked goods won’t kill me. Then I put the dried fruit and nuts in my normal snack cabinet, had a snack on some of the baked goods and have separated them into individual baggies in appropriate, moderate serving sizes.

I still have my days where I want to eat the whole batch (and rarely, I do) but separating them out helps. I admit, sweets are my downfall, they probably always will be. So I’ll enjoy my rare treats and go to the gym and not stress about it. Completely depriving yourself will never work… that’s when you binge. So live a little πŸ˜‰

Speaking of the gym… it’s a biceps, back, and cardio day. Nothing planned out of the ordinary.


Nike Training club

29 Apr

Does anyone have this App? I downloaded it a couple weeks ago onto my iPhone and iPad, but never used it until today. I had clinical today and when I got home had to finish some online training but needed to wake up! I didn’t want to drive to the gym (because then I’d want to get grocery shopping done and finish some other things) so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. I did 2 of the “15 min focus” workouts, with the focus being abs/core. It was a great workout!

Granted 30 min of all abs is a good core workout regardless, but they were well matched exercises with a voice that encourages you and prompts you to check your form throughout each exercise. On top of that, it has a timer and videos for if you don’t know what a specific exercise is. Oh, and it’s a free app!

There’s varying degrees of difficulty but one of the 15 min workouts looks like this:

1 min toe touches

1 min Russian twists

30 sec plank

1 min side plank (30 sec per side)

1 min “crazy Ivans”

30 sec recover

Repeat 2 more times


28 Apr

Today’s my only day off for the week so it’s been a lot of errands and cleaning, I still need to start packing so I can clear out what I don’t need to keep. But while waiting for a consignment store to go through my clothes (they didn’t take much but some cash is better than none…) I ran over to the gym.

I needed to do legs again, I’ve noticed while I’m getting better about arms and cardio I’ve been slacking on full leg workouts. So, here it is:

12 lunges with weight

15 sumo squats with weight

12 deadlifts

*3 sets

Then I did machines, which I can’t remember the last time I’ve used! It definitely challenged me because it does focus in on the muscle group being worked (instead of working multiple muscles at once) and when you haven’t done that in awhile, you feel it. Looked like this

12 leg press

12 leg extensions

12 one leg kick-back (per leg)

*3 sets

20 squats with body weight

12 back lunges (step back into the lunge instead of forward) with bar

15 step ups with side kick onto a bench per leg (stand next to the bench so you’re facing sideways from it and place one foot on it, step onto the foot kicking your other leg out to the side as you do)

*2 sets

15 hip raises with medicine ball between knees

15 glute kick backs/leg (aka hip extensions)

15 round house kicks on heavy bag/leg

*3 sets

I liked using the machines, to focus in on muscle groups. It’s also always important to mix up your workouts so your body doesn’t adapt to what you’re doing!

Summer Shoulders

27 Apr

I just liked the alliteration. πŸ™‚ Anyway…

This week has been really stressful; probably in part because I wasn’t making it to the gym as often as normal. So today, after class, I ran a couple errands and then went straight to the gym. Did not pass go, did not collect 200 dollars, did not even check my planner (which for me, is a big deal). And I had one of the best workouts I had in awhile. I’ll put my meals at the very bottom but here goes the workout:

2 min jump rope

12 bicep curls

12 tricep overhead extensions

15 deltoid crosses/armΒ  (I couldn’t find a video for this, start with your arm out by your side- inside of your wrist facing forward: from there lift your arm up and across your body so your hand is touching the opposite shoulder with back of your hand facing out)

15 front raises

8 min boxing combos

Repeat 3 times (including the jump rope every time!) **I love this, it kept my heart rate up with alternating jump rope and kickboxing

Then I moved onto abs

20 crunches with weight

20 crunches with knees up

20 leg lifts with a 25 lb bar as counterweight

20 crunches with knees out

30 side to side leg lifts with 25 lb counterweight (15/side)

20 leg lifts with counterweight

12 wide push-ups

12 narrow push-ups

15 oblique cable twists/side

Then went back to arms and did 3 sets of 12 bench presses, 3 sets of 12 cable flys, and 2 more sets of oblique cable twists (in that order).

After all that I came home and got a present in the mail! I had mentioned the site to my fiance and apparently he sent this to me afterward πŸ˜€ Great reward for a hard workout and getting back into my fitness routine




Breakfast- 3 egg whites, 1 egg, splash of milk and some pepper

Snack- apple, 1/4 C almonds, chocolate milk (some research shows chocolate milk has an ideal blend for recovery… and it’s delicious)

Lunch/Post-workout- Gluten Free Oatmeal with blueberries and 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder

Dinner (plan)- Chicken, Asparagus, Quinoa

Zucchini Recipes and snacks

26 Apr

I know I haven’t posted in a few days… Sorry :-/ Life has just been absolutely crazy so it’s been squeezing in workouts (mainly just home workouts) and trying to get enough sleep. I’ve been working all week plus Sunday, we’ve been planning our honeymoon and trying to iron out the details for where and what time the ceremony is going to be (I never knew so much could go wrong with a wedding, just cross your fingers for me!), and trying to see as much of my friends as possible before I move… basically I can’t wait for full work outs tomorrow and over the weekend! …maybe even tonight

But right now I have some downtime and I’ve had zucchinis in my fridge for a few days so I wanted to use them. I used about 1.5 to make zucchini chips that I found on another blog. They’re in the oven right now with just a little sea salt and a little cayenne pepper on them. I’ll post the link at the bottom.

I also decided to use the other half on the stove top for my afternoon snack. I added just enough olive oil to lightly cover them and then sprinkled chili powder, cumin, and cinnamon on them. Sauteed them on the stove top and then ate that with 1/4 C almonds. They complemented each other well and my favorite thing about Zucchini is you can flavor it just about however you want. Great way to get extra veggies in your diet!

Here’s the zucchini chips:


Good to remember…

22 Apr

Good to remember…

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to lose those last couple pounds, or another few body fat percents, or any other number goal we can come up with. But, the funny thing is, no one else knows those numbers. Other people know what they see when they look at us, and we define what others see. Just my thoughts for the day πŸ™‚

Crossfit trial

20 Apr

After hearing so much about it and seeing pictures of one of my friends I had to find out just what Crossfit was all about. So today I went out to Crossfit BWI, which offers personal training and the classes, and did a one-on-one trial session with a trainer. The workout itself was pretty short since a lot of it was him giving me information etc but I def. see the appeal. It’s no frills but right away I was convinced this trainer was for real. He had me doing squats (which I’ve always struggled with form, I have to use a mirror) and right out called me out on the form but then supplied some ways to fix the problems. He had me do a dynamic warm-up and then one set of 500m row, 40 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 10 ring rows. He walked me through the set before we did it, which is when he worked on my squat form.

The downside is it’s a full program, so since I’m only in the area for another 4 weeks (and have a great gym) it didn’t make sense to sign up. I would def. be willing to try a full class in the future though.

Since it was a shorter workout I went to the gym afterwards to do an arm workout and then made scrambled eggs (3 whites, 1 egg like usual) but tonight I added in a little cayenne pepper and some regular black pepper… they were really good! Worth trying if you like pepper.