Back at It

5 Apr

Ahh Jet Lag, that wonderful moment at noon where all you want is sleep after traveling for 14 hours. So, I took a two hour nap before hitting the gym, but I did make it to the gym. It’s also been a pretty basic food day since I’m leaving for the weekend again tomorrow after class.

I’d love to have more interesting things to write but it’s been a day of unpacking, re-organizing, and getting back to reality. Just for fun though, here’s a picture from my latest travels… I have to say, if you haven’t been, Hawaii should be on your places to see! This is a view from the hike we took at Diamond Head:



Here’s today’s food and workouts:

Breakfast: Lara Bar and medium skim latte (on the road choice)

Lunch: Amy’s Organic Black Bean and Veggie Soup (1 serving)

           Gluten Free White Cheddar Crackers

Dinner: 2 egg whites + 1 egg scrambled with pepper

            1 C. Melon

            1 C. Cereal (no milk)

Snacks: Melon and 1/2 C. granola


Now the fun part… the gym:

I decided after hiking and staying somewhat active in Hawaii, I wanted to hit arms and abs


2 min rotating plank (10 sec midde, 10 left, 10 middle, 10 right, etc)

30 jumping jacks


20 dumbbell bicep curls

20 Single Arm Cable Fly/20 Cable rear delt pulls (20 each arm)

20 tricep, skull crushers

20 leg raises

Repeat 3 times

20 hammer dumbbell bicep curls

20 lat pull-downs

20 side step-ups with kick per leg

Repeat 3 times

20 tricep pull-downs

20 leg raises

Repeat 3 times



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