Kickboxing Leg Workout

10 Apr

Some days, it just feels good to hit something 🙂 I was having a hard time the past two days getting back into work and unpacking and everything else; I think normal exhaustion and jet lag finally caught up with me. So yesterday I didn’t make it to the gym but today I did and I had a GREAT workout.

I hadn’t boxed in awhile so today I grabbed my gloves on the way out the door. I worked the heavy bag into a leg circuit like this:


20 calf raises

20 sumo squats

50 quick jab/cross (speed over power for warm-up)

50 body shots


20 jab/cross combo per side (40 punches all together)

30 crunches on ball

20 leg pull ins on stability ball ( )

20 leg curls on stability ball ( )

20 split lunges per leg with 10 lb dumbbells

20 squats with body weight

20 jab/cross/hook combos per side

10 roundhouse kicks per leg, front leg

10 roundhouse kicks per leg, back leg

If you rest in the circuit don’t let it be in between the boxing, you want that fast and powerful. Rest after the circuit and repeat 2 more times (3 rounds)

15 bent leg hip extension with 5 lb dumbbell behind knee/leg

15 straight leg hip extensions per leg

15 back leg roundhouse kicks/leg

20 squat into kick alternating legs (10/leg)

Repeat 2 more times


Pretty basic diet today… trying to make a new chicken recipe tonight, if it works out that may be the post tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Kickboxing Leg Workout”

  1. Mark Spurbeck April 11, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    How’d you get into kickboxing? Sounds like fun.

    • fitandbusy April 11, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

      I started back in Oklahoma at a kickboxing gym there, haven’t found one out in Baltimore that I like but always make sure gyms I workout at have a heavy bag. It’s a great workout!

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