16 Apr

So I’ve been finding new motivation since getting back from vacation… which includes adding real cardio time back into my workouts. But, trying to start running again reminds me of my love/hate relationship with running.

I love the way I feel after a run, and I love the results I get. But distance just has never been my thing. So, as usual, my solution is intervals. And since it had been a while and I wanted to wear my 5 finger shoes (have you tried them??) I decided to do run/walk treadmill intervals for 25 min. I walked for 2 min at 4.2 on an incline of 2-3 and then ran for 2 min at a speed 7-8 without an incline.

For me, running is one of those things that I get really into and then I kind of slack and then I get really into it and… it just goes in a cycle. I guess it’s a good thing I like working cardio into my normal workouts… Do you have any workouts or exercises that you go in cycles with??

Arms for the day:

3 min plank

1 min plank walking on bosu


20 dumbbell bicep curls

20 overhead dumbbell tricep extensions

20 cable lat pull downs

*3 sets

lateral and front shoulder raises (20 each)

20 leg raises

*2 sets

40 leg raises with twist (20 each side… pull legs up and to the side)


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