28 Apr

Today’s my only day off for the week so it’s been a lot of errands and cleaning, I still need to start packing so I can clear out what I don’t need to keep. But while waiting for a consignment store to go through my clothes (they didn’t take much but some cash is better than none…) I ran over to the gym.

I needed to do legs again, I’ve noticed while I’m getting better about arms and cardio I’ve been slacking on full leg workouts. So, here it is:

12 lunges with weight

15 sumo squats with weight

12 deadlifts

*3 sets

Then I did machines, which I can’t remember the last time I’ve used! It definitely challenged me because it does focus in on the muscle group being worked (instead of working multiple muscles at once) and when you haven’t done that in awhile, you feel it. Looked like this

12 leg press

12 leg extensions

12 one leg kick-back (per leg)

*3 sets

20 squats with body weight

12 back lunges (step back into the lunge instead of forward) with bar

15 step ups with side kick onto a bench per leg (stand next to the bench so you’re facing sideways from it and place one foot on it, step onto the foot kicking your other leg out to the side as you do)

*2 sets

15 hip raises with medicine ball between knees

15 glute kick backs/leg (aka hip extensions)

15 round house kicks on heavy bag/leg

*3 sets

I liked using the machines, to focus in on muscle groups. It’s also always important to mix up your workouts so your body doesn’t adapt to what you’re doing!


One Response to “Legs”

  1. johnac23 April 28, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    Way too work those wheels!

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