Nike Training club

29 Apr

Does anyone have this App? I downloaded it a couple weeks ago onto my iPhone and iPad, but never used it until today. I had clinical today and when I got home had to finish some online training but needed to wake up! I didn’t want to drive to the gym (because then I’d want to get grocery shopping done and finish some other things) so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. I did 2 of the “15 min focus” workouts, with the focus being abs/core. It was a great workout!

Granted 30 min of all abs is a good core workout regardless, but they were well matched exercises with a voice that encourages you and prompts you to check your form throughout each exercise. On top of that, it has a timer and videos for if you don’t know what a specific exercise is. Oh, and it’s a free app!

There’s varying degrees of difficulty but one of the 15 min workouts looks like this:

1 min toe touches

1 min Russian twists

30 sec plank

1 min side plank (30 sec per side)

1 min “crazy Ivans”

30 sec recover

Repeat 2 more times


What do you think?

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