Temptation… in moderation

30 Apr

 I came home from clinical to a finals care package from my (future) mother-in-law. She is such a great baker, and I got 2 homemade treats, a chocolate bar, and some other snacks in my package 🙂 YUM. But, I have very little self control when it comes to baked goods… I guess because I don’t make them very often, and I have always had a sweet tooth.

So, first, I remind myself I am not currently trying to cut weight or compete so some baked goods won’t kill me. Then I put the dried fruit and nuts in my normal snack cabinet, had a snack on some of the baked goods and have separated them into individual baggies in appropriate, moderate serving sizes.

I still have my days where I want to eat the whole batch (and rarely, I do) but separating them out helps. I admit, sweets are my downfall, they probably always will be. So I’ll enjoy my rare treats and go to the gym and not stress about it. Completely depriving yourself will never work… that’s when you binge. So live a little 😉

Speaking of the gym… it’s a biceps, back, and cardio day. Nothing planned out of the ordinary.


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