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More Motivation

31 May

More Motivation

Go Get It.


Some reminders for my “off” day

31 May

Ready for Life. *I did not make this, just found it on Pinterest.

A different perspective

30 May

This morning I worked with a trainer at Anytime Fitness so I can’t take credit for the workout. Since I did legs yesterday, today was upper-body. Tomorrow is an off day (it would have been running but my leg/hip still hurts so…)

Working with a new trainer is always a little weird the first time. As a trainer, you want to push your client but you don’t want to push to the point where they won’t come back, you have to build a trust. As a client, you want to be pushed but it’s also a personality match. For example, I don’t work well with trainers who really get in my face but some people need that. A good trainer, like a good nurse 🙂 , can pick out which clients need what and how to work with each personality type.

My thoughts on having a trainer? If it’s in your budget… I think, even for those of us who know what to do, it’s a great way to get new ideas and really have someone push you. Even going once a month or once every couple months. (Plus they can help track your progress with measurements etc) For those new to working out or trying to create a big change, I think they are a great resource to help you reach your goals. I also think there are plenty of ways to do it yourself if it isn’t within your budget to hire them: most trainers on the lower end of average run about $70 for an hour.

I may mix up the order a bit but here’s what he had me doing:

25 push-ups then 10 on my knees

15 cable rows

15 shoulder presses (we had to play with weights and reps on this since my shoulder is reconstructed)

30 sit-ups

*2 times

15 incline presses

15 lateral shoulder raises

15 lat pull-downs

25 leg lifts

*2 sets

15 bicep curls

15 cable tricep pull-downs

50 bicycles (the ab exercise)

*2 sets

Then he had me do a variety of plank exercises (lifting arms one at a time, then legs, then opposite arm and leg at the same time) and about 10 more minutes of abs. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow 🙂


I’m back!

29 May

Well after graduation, packing, and driving the 2 days back to MN I am back! It was great to see so much family and spend time with friends but getting back into the gym yesterday after basically a week away felt so good. Also getting back to cooking and not eating out; even making healthy options at restaurants I never feel as good as when I’m fully controlling my snacks and food.

Today I started my online class for NCLEX (nursing boards) review and I woke up late so I only had about 30 min for a workout. After arms and shoulders yesterday I did legs today. I also fell moving some stuff yesterday and since my hip was hurting a bit I did light weight if any. Looked like this:

15 leg pull-ins on stability ball (put your shins on the ball, with your hands on the floor supporting you and pull your legs into your chest)

15 Hamstring curls on the stability ball (calfs on the ball, arch up so your back is straight and curl legs in)

12 fire-hydrants per leg

12 hip extensions per leg with 3 lb dumbbell behind knee

*3 sets

20 step-back lunges per leg with 10 lb dumbbells in each hand

15 sumo squats with 35 lbs

*2 sets

Side shuffles on a treadmill (2 min each side and 2 min center) at 3.4 mph for 12 min

Then I stretched really well, so cross your fingers my hip feels better with some rest and a massage today!

Oh, for snacks on the road I had almonds with us and got veggies at some of the gas stations along the way. We usually ended up getting out and going to Applebee’s or restaurants on the way which made it easy to order chicken or fish. Just had to be careful with side items. Moving in with family will provide it’s own challenges since we eat meals together but I’ll keep you updated as it goes 🙂



20 May


Not just with fitness but with life 🙂

Moving Crazyness

20 May

Moving is always crazy but this one seems more so. It’s been a crazy few days of trying to see friends, sort through stuff, pack and figure out what will fit in my car. I feel like I’m packing for two moves; one to MN for a few months and then the second once I can move after the wedding when future hubby gets home from his deployment.

Anyway, gym is later today but thought I’d write about the past couple days. Friday I did shoulders and cardio: more cardio than shoulders. I did shoulder raises (front and lateral, 3 sets), abs, and kickboxing circuits for 30 min and then shuffle drills on the treadmill for 20 min (2 min right side, 2 center at a run, 2 min left side for 20 minutes). We also went out for my last weekend in Baltimore/wedding celebration which involved lots of dancing… guys you might not understand but ladies; dancing for hours in heels, my legs felt it the next day 😉

Yesterday I did arms and the stationary bike. Looked like this:

12 bicep curls

12 overhead cable tricep extensions

12 lat pull-downs

2 sets, then for the third I dropped the weight down and did 20 reps

12 cable rows

12 overhead tricep extensions with dumbbell

30 step-ups (I put one foot up on the bench and push up to it to switch legs, do it as fast as you can)

3 sets

Bike for 25 min

Since I’m trying to only buy things I’ll eat in the next few days it’s been eggs, chicken, and Chobani yogurt. I am going to make some of the Jamie Eason protein bars for my 23 hour drive.

What are some of your healthy road trip foods?


Easy chicken recipe

17 May

It has been a crazy couple of days, I worked out on Tuesday but took Wednesday and today off since I was working on night shift and today I slept in and needed to get groceries and work on some more packing. But I’m in the careful balance of trying to use what I have and buy as little as possible before moving next week.

I found this really easy roast chicken and veggies recipe from Real Simple:

 4 TBS olive oil

juice from 2 lemons (I just guessed using lemon juice)

4 cloves are garlic minced

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp sea salt

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl

Coat about 3/4 lb of green beans and then place in bottom of pan

coat chicken and place on top of green beans

Bake at 450 for 45 min (times vary depending on cut of chicken)

Since I just bought boneless/skinless thin sliced chicken breasts I’m baking it at 400 for 20 min. It smells great! The recipe also called for potatoes but I’m using brown rice as a side since it’s what I have.