Homemade Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (GF)

3 May

This morning I woke up and realized… I need to go to the grocery store. I have no eggs (therefore can’t make scrambled eggs, protein pancakes, or any of my other morning go tos) and I am down to only apples for fruit… So I got creative. Normally I make oatmeal and add in bananas or berries but that wasn’t an option this morning. So here’s what I did:

Diced 1 small apple and sauteed it (I just used a little bit of canola oil, since it’s what I have) with cinnamon

Made the oatmeal (I use Bob’s Red Mill, Gluten Free oats) and added in flax seed

stirred in the apples as they got soft

Topped with just a little brown sugar

I think it would be even better if I sauteed the apples in coconut oil, with that you probably wouldn’t need the brown sugar.

I’m sure if I googled, I’d find tons of homemade oatmeal recipes but for now… It’s amazing what can happen when you’re scrounging through empty shelves 🙂

I’m trying a new workout today so I’ll post either later or tomorrow about that!





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