5 May

Today, I can officially say, I am done with nursing school 🙂 Not only nursing school. but after 5 years, I am done with college!

Yesterday I went to class and then did an arm and ab workout before getting a massage as a treat. It was wonderful. Then, for the first time in awhile (I feel like I’m saying that a lot) I went out with friends for the night. Now, admittedly, going out for drinks isn’t exactly “on track” but sometimes you have to celebrate.

I woke up feeling like I strained my hip flexor (I have no idea how) so I’m taking the day off and hoping it fixes itself tomorrow but thought I’d post my workout from yesterday.

5 min cardio warm up

15 bicep curls

20 tricep dips

20 sit-ups to stand ups  on bosu (

20 leg lifts

40 russian twists with medicine ball

*3 sets

15 front raises

15 lateral raises

15 hammer bicep curls (instead of your inside wrist facing forward, the circle of your thumb faces forward)

*3 sets

That was it, just short and sweet, since the day before had been a total body workout day.



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