Legs, Cardio, and Abs… all in an hour

7 May

I’ve decided I like this not having class thing… although after one day of staying home and not doing much, I was a little stir-crazy. But I have time to cook, workout, see friends, and still work. I work tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday (night) so tonight I’ll be cooking. I already made the protein brownies and protein cookie dough balls; night shift tends to bring snacking so this way I have my healthy foods to keep me on track.

But first, the gym 🙂 Yesterday I went to pole so that’s why there’s no post from that. Today I did legs, ran, and finished with abs:

15 walking lunges with weight

20 deadlifts

20 sumo squats with weight

*3 sets

15 squats with barbell weight

15 hip extensions with weight tucked behind my knee (5 lb dumbbell, do not use heavy weight for this!)

15 fire-hydrants with weight (same 5 lb)

*3 sets

25 min interval run

1 min crunches with medicine ball

1 min leg raises on incline

1 min Russian twists with medicine ball

1 min crunches with knees up

1 min leg lifts with medicine ball tucked in between my knees (cross your ankles to help hold the weight)

1 min “Crazy Ivans” (30 sec each side)

1 min leg lifts with “pop up” at end (when your legs to the top of the lift, push your hips up to ceiling with straight legs)

*Rest as little as possible in between, I did 2- 30 second rests

Stretch out and you’re good to go!




3 Responses to “Legs, Cardio, and Abs… all in an hour”

  1. Rena Fesler May 28, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    Yes old school push ups are really efficient for burning weight. At first they can seem daunting but you’ll progress quick as you master your personal pounds prior to moving on to a lot more advanced chest presses like the bench press.

  2. Stuart Mehan May 30, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    You’ll get the most benefit by doing it all. Diet the best way and perform washboard abs workouts including ab exercises and compound workouts. You’ll get results really quick. You just need to consider activity.

  3. Carlota Kube June 5, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    When strengthening your entire body, opportunities are to make use of gym machines or performing free weight workouts. To a big extent the option hinges upon you being a person and how you like to track your progress.

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