Good Day!

10 May

I like days like today, especially after 2 days at work. I got to talk to my man when I woke up (makes it a good day in and of itself), went to pole and went to the gym. All by 1pm so I can finish everything else I need to before meeting friends tonight and back to work tomorrow night.

AND to top it all off, I got my measurements done today! I have dropped everywhere I wanted and gained the one place I wanted to and dropped 4% body fat while keeping my weight around the same. I was terrified when I went in, I felt stronger and smaller but I had been pretty upset at the last number so… I was nervous. But hard work does pay off 🙂 When I was leaving one of the trainers and I were talking and he pointed out that people “like us” are the minority. Most people in the 23-45 year range don’t choose the gym over drinks or protein brownies over Betty Crocker brownies. So, to those “like us”, enjoy it! Use your body for all that you’ve made it into. To people just starting out, take it a day at a time and you’ll get there! Results aren’t overnight.

Gym time was short arms and abs:

1 min plank

1 min side plank/side

20 lateral shoulder raises

15 front shoulder raises

15 push-ups with feet elevated

*2 sets

15 cable overhead tricep extensions

15 lat pull-downs

15 cable rows (alternation between overhand and underhand grip)

*3 sets

20 sit-ups with arms extended holding weight plate

20 leg lifts with medicine ball

40 Russian twists with plate

40 reverse crunches with medicine ball

20 crunches with knees up (balance the weight plate on your legs for a challenge)

40 Russian twists with plate


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