I’m back!

29 May

Well after graduation, packing, and driving the 2 days back to MN I am back! It was great to see so much family and spend time with friends but getting back into the gym yesterday after basically a week away felt so good. Also getting back to cooking and not eating out; even making healthy options at restaurants I never feel as good as when I’m fully controlling my snacks and food.

Today I started my online class for NCLEX (nursing boards) review and I woke up late so I only had about 30 min for a workout. After arms and shoulders yesterday I did legs today. I also fell moving some stuff yesterday and since my hip was hurting a bit I did light weight if any. Looked like this:

15 leg pull-ins on stability ball (put your shins on the ball, with your hands on the floor supporting you and pull your legs into your chest)

15 Hamstring curls on the stability ball (calfs on the ball, arch up so your back is straight and curl legs in)

12 fire-hydrants per leg

12 hip extensions per leg with 3 lb dumbbell behind knee

*3 sets

20 step-back lunges per leg with 10 lb dumbbells in each hand

15 sumo squats with 35 lbs

*2 sets

Side shuffles on a treadmill (2 min each side and 2 min center) at 3.4 mph for 12 min

Then I stretched really well, so cross your fingers my hip feels better with some rest and a massage today!

Oh, for snacks on the road I had almonds with us and got veggies at some of the gas stations along the way. We usually ended up getting out and going to Applebee’s or restaurants on the way which made it easy to order chicken or fish. Just had to be careful with side items. Moving in with family will provide it’s own challenges since we eat meals together but I’ll keep you updated as it goes 🙂


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