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Catch up

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms today 🙂

The past couple days have been good. I got to plan more wedding details now that things are settling from all the changes so that was fun. My own mom had to deal with an influx of wedding emails this morning… I sent flowers too though.

As far as workouts and diet… food has been pretty usual. Lots of chicken, veggies and eggs. I did make a new tuna salad the other day (I got it from a different blog) that was pretty good and really easy!

1 can tuna

1/2 avocado

2 Tablespoons salsa

And as a pre-workout snack (for the sweet tooth days)

1 banana

2 tablespoons peanut butter

2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips

Mixed all together 🙂 It is a higher calorie snack with the chocolate and peanut butter so def. for a heavier workout day.

Yesterday I did a kickboxing/leg workout. I did lunges into a front leg roundhouse kick as something new, it was tough but great for a power drill. Pulling from memory… it looked like this

2 min jump rope

15 sumo squats with weight

15 deadlifts with 25 lb bar

punch combos on heavy bag (combos included front leg and back leg roundhouse, squats into kicks, and the lunges into roundhouse)

*3 sets

20 squats on a Bosu ball

15 calf raises with weight

30 sit-ups on Bosu

20 v-ups on Bosu

* 3 sets

Then I did an extra ab workout …I think that was it

Then today I went to a pole class, it was fun since it was a harder level than I had been doing. My legs are definitely feeling it after both workouts.


Good Day!

10 May

I like days like today, especially after 2 days at work. I got to talk to my man when I woke up (makes it a good day in and of itself), went to pole and went to the gym. All by 1pm so I can finish everything else I need to before meeting friends tonight and back to work tomorrow night.

AND to top it all off, I got my measurements done today! I have dropped everywhere I wanted and gained the one place I wanted to and dropped 4% body fat while keeping my weight around the same. I was terrified when I went in, I felt stronger and smaller but I had been pretty upset at the last number so… I was nervous. But hard work does pay off 🙂 When I was leaving one of the trainers and I were talking and he pointed out that people “like us” are the minority. Most people in the 23-45 year range don’t choose the gym over drinks or protein brownies over Betty Crocker brownies. So, to those “like us”, enjoy it! Use your body for all that you’ve made it into. To people just starting out, take it a day at a time and you’ll get there! Results aren’t overnight.

Gym time was short arms and abs:

1 min plank

1 min side plank/side

20 lateral shoulder raises

15 front shoulder raises

15 push-ups with feet elevated

*2 sets

15 cable overhead tricep extensions

15 lat pull-downs

15 cable rows (alternation between overhand and underhand grip)

*3 sets

20 sit-ups with arms extended holding weight plate

20 leg lifts with medicine ball

40 Russian twists with plate

40 reverse crunches with medicine ball

20 crunches with knees up (balance the weight plate on your legs for a challenge)

40 Russian twists with plate

7 May

A glimpse into the rest of my life with future hubby gone. I hope Marie doesn’t mind my sharing!

They Call Me Dependent

Every 6 months to a year, I try to re-share this one.

I want to share something I wrote back in 2009 answering a question from a wife in my Spouse Column, “Anything But Dependent.” I’ve updated it since then, and I hope you will share it with all your Milspouse friends. There are so many of us that need to be reminded of what it was like to be new and to reach out to those who are, be understanding, and support them.

Dear Marie, I am a young 20-year-old Navy wife and my husband just left on his second deployment. I read your column about wives and you mentioned the young wife and that she thinks she loves her husband more than everyone else. Well, after being part of the command, I find that a lot of wives that don’t seem to love or even like their husbands…

View original post 1,275 more words

Legs, Cardio, and Abs… all in an hour

7 May

I’ve decided I like this not having class thing… although after one day of staying home and not doing much, I was a little stir-crazy. But I have time to cook, workout, see friends, and still work. I work tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday (night) so tonight I’ll be cooking. I already made the protein brownies and protein cookie dough balls; night shift tends to bring snacking so this way I have my healthy foods to keep me on track.

But first, the gym 🙂 Yesterday I went to pole so that’s why there’s no post from that. Today I did legs, ran, and finished with abs:

15 walking lunges with weight

20 deadlifts

20 sumo squats with weight

*3 sets

15 squats with barbell weight

15 hip extensions with weight tucked behind my knee (5 lb dumbbell, do not use heavy weight for this!)

15 fire-hydrants with weight (same 5 lb)

*3 sets

25 min interval run

1 min crunches with medicine ball

1 min leg raises on incline

1 min Russian twists with medicine ball

1 min crunches with knees up

1 min leg lifts with medicine ball tucked in between my knees (cross your ankles to help hold the weight)

1 min “Crazy Ivans” (30 sec each side)

1 min leg lifts with “pop up” at end (when your legs to the top of the lift, push your hips up to ceiling with straight legs)

*Rest as little as possible in between, I did 2- 30 second rests

Stretch out and you’re good to go!




5 May

Today, I can officially say, I am done with nursing school 🙂 Not only nursing school. but after 5 years, I am done with college!

Yesterday I went to class and then did an arm and ab workout before getting a massage as a treat. It was wonderful. Then, for the first time in awhile (I feel like I’m saying that a lot) I went out with friends for the night. Now, admittedly, going out for drinks isn’t exactly “on track” but sometimes you have to celebrate.

I woke up feeling like I strained my hip flexor (I have no idea how) so I’m taking the day off and hoping it fixes itself tomorrow but thought I’d post my workout from yesterday.

5 min cardio warm up

15 bicep curls

20 tricep dips

20 sit-ups to stand ups  on bosu (

20 leg lifts

40 russian twists with medicine ball

*3 sets

15 front raises

15 lateral raises

15 hammer bicep curls (instead of your inside wrist facing forward, the circle of your thumb faces forward)

*3 sets

That was it, just short and sweet, since the day before had been a total body workout day.


2 a day

3 May

So today was my first day in A LONG TIME where I didn’t have to be anywhere. There were things I had to do (like grocery shopping…) but no timeline I needed to follow. I woke up early out of habit, got to talk to my fiance, and was done cleaning my apartment by 10:30. So I went to the gym for a leg workout (kickboxing combo with lunges and squats, deadlifts, variety of the usual), then went to the grocery store, and finished other errands before coming home to cook. I made a clean jambalaya, quinoa soup, and I have the ingredients to make mini quiche. (I’ll put recipes as links at the bottom). So far, everything has been really good, I’ll def. make the jambalaya again!

Then after all that, I wanted to do something for just me. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post about this but hey, it’s a blog for people looking for new workout ideas so, here ya go. Ladies, if you’ve never tried it, and there’s a good place around you… Pole Dancing is a great workout. You’ll use your arms and abs in ways you haven’t and it’s fun! It’s a little awkward the first time you do it but it’s a blast… you’ll also have some bruises from gripping the pole with spins etc. But if you’re game, and willing to look a little silly, try it! The first time I did it was for a bachelorette party but since then have kept going off and on, and every time I go it makes me want to go more regularly. So, just an idea.

Here’s those other recipes:



**I also made my own veggie broth for this


**I’ll be using egg whites and not as much cheese as it calls for

Homemade Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (GF)

3 May

This morning I woke up and realized… I need to go to the grocery store. I have no eggs (therefore can’t make scrambled eggs, protein pancakes, or any of my other morning go tos) and I am down to only apples for fruit… So I got creative. Normally I make oatmeal and add in bananas or berries but that wasn’t an option this morning. So here’s what I did:

Diced 1 small apple and sauteed it (I just used a little bit of canola oil, since it’s what I have) with cinnamon

Made the oatmeal (I use Bob’s Red Mill, Gluten Free oats) and added in flax seed

stirred in the apples as they got soft

Topped with just a little brown sugar

I think it would be even better if I sauteed the apples in coconut oil, with that you probably wouldn’t need the brown sugar.

I’m sure if I googled, I’d find tons of homemade oatmeal recipes but for now… It’s amazing what can happen when you’re scrounging through empty shelves 🙂

I’m trying a new workout today so I’ll post either later or tomorrow about that!