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Random Thought

30 Jun

For those who follow, sorry for sending another message, but I just had to share this insight.

Today, for a medical test I’m doing, I was not allowed to eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, or dairy. Literally the list of foods I could eat was “eggs, chicken, turkey, white rice, candy without corn or nuts in it.” Oh, and I can only put salt and pepper, no other seasonings. I ate eggs for breakfast with black coffee, grilled chicken with white rice for lunch, I gave in and had some Swedish fish (which I think I messed up since they have corn starch so I guess I just have to hope it doesn’t throw off the test), and then more grilled chicken with white rice for dinner… why am I telling you all this?

Because I am starving! I do not understand how people get full without eating their fruits and veggies or by eating a lot of processed food. I mean, I’m a relatively small person and I am having to use some serious self control right now. So, for anyone questioning if eating healthy is cheaper or better or whatever excuse… I ate way more quantity today than I do when I get to eat those foods. Yeah my grocery bill might be higher but I’d bet I don’t have to eat as much of what I buy to feel full, so in the long run… I don’t believe that it’s terribly more expensive.

…Just my thoughts for what they’re worth.

Personal Bests

30 Jun

I have no idea where the month of June went, but all of a sudden it’s over. I guess that’s expected with all the changes happening, I just hope I get everything accomplished this next month!

Yesterday was arms but I only had an hour and I’m really trying to up my cardio so I did shorter sets than usual but still def. worked it. I mentioned I’m trying to do 3 heavy sets and then 1 light, so yesterday I did 2 heavy before my light. I was proud of myself, I hit personal bests in a couple of these for how much weight I lifted 😀 Which is always a reminder that I need to be competing against myself. Reach for your personal bests or celebrate dropping a size (or depending on your goal, increasing your measurements). Sounds cliche, I know, but you’ll always find someone who you think looks better than you so, just make sure to keep your own progress in mind.

Then I did 15 min on a stair-stepper and another 10 on the treadmill doing incline intervals (instead of speed).

Arms looked like this:

8 Bicep Curls

8 Single Arm Cable Flys/arm

8 Single Arm Cable Reverse Fly/arm

8 Overhead Tricep Extensions

*2 sets, then for the last set drop your weight (to about half of your max weight) and do 20 more reps per exercise

8 Cable Rows

15 push-ups on Bosu (put if blue side down so your arms are stabilizing, feet on the floor)

20 incline sit-ups with medicine ball

*3 sets

Ended with:

20 Squat/throws with medicine ball

20 Sumo squat/throws with medicine ball… might have been arms day but legs can always use a little push

2 min of rotating planks: I changed this per my chiropractor, I’ve been doing 15 sec/side and then 15 sec rest

20 Crunches with legs up, weight plate on my legs (bend your knees so your shins make a table for the weight)

20 Russian twists with weight plate

Then I did my cardio.

It’s been a weird diet week, I’m not really sure why. I’ve been fasting at weird times for some testing so, look later this week for better recipes and diet ideas! Tomorrow I will for sure be making those Jamie Eason carrot cake bars again though.

Chicken Parmesan

26 Jun

Last night I made a healthy Chicken Parmesan that I found on pinterest. It turned out really well!

Preheat oven to 375


1 C Greek yogurt (I used a 6 oz Chobani)

1/2 C grated Parmesan

1 tsp Garlic Powder

Salt and Pepper to taste (I used maybe a 1/2 tsp of each)

Coat the chicken in the yogurt mix and bake for approx 45 min. That’s it! The cooking takes some time but it’s easy. I just worked on wedding details etc while it cooked and had dinner a little bit later.

Today was just a cardio day so I did 30 min on an elliptical “interval” program and then stretched really well. The next couple weeks are very busy so finding time to work out is going to be harder but as always, it’s all about what you make a priority!

Legs and weekend meals

25 Jun

Oh, Mondays… when you have two options: start the week off right or complain about it being a Monday. Make your happy 🙂

This morning I was reminded of the need to always have something good to snack on in the house. I was out of eggs and oatmeal so I grabbed a protein bar and got a skim latte on my way to class (hence, have protein bars around…)

Yesterday I did legs… feeling a little worn out today so I just did a 10 min ab workout and later tonight I’m going to bring my dog for a run. Legs were all light weight/body weight but with very little rest so that my heart rate was up for almost the whole workout.

20 squats with medicine ball throw (squat, as you come up throw the medicine ball straight into the air, catch it and immediately squat again)

10 round-house kicks/leg on the heavy bag

1 min toe-taps on a Bosu (hop foot to foot just tapping the top of the Bosu with your toe)

24 walking lunges (so 12/leg)

*3 sets

15 hip extensions with weight tucked behind knee (the one where you’re on all fours and raise your foot up to the ceiling)

15 leg pull-ins on ball (position that my banner picture shows and then bend your knees to pull your legs in to your chest)

15 hamstring curls on ball

20 crunches, next set 20 reverse crunches

*2 sets

20 min on a treadmill with 1 min intervals

Food yesterday was good. For breakfast I made Oxygen’s Protein Pancakes using bananas as my fruit and added in cinnamon and then for lunch we had scrambled eggs with bacon (again… moderation is key). Dinner I went to my sister’s where they had grilled chicken with a bruschetta topping and salad. It was delicious… healthy was slightly off set by a couple glasses of wine over board games but, so it goes.

Arms and Food

23 Jun

Happy weekend everyone. I had a lot of people tell me they liked the posts where I was putting info about what I was eating so I will try to get better about doing that more often! Let me know any other suggestions etc, I always take them into account and do my best to make it work.

Today I tried something different at the gym. I did heavier weight for 8 reps 3 times and then dropped the weight to do 20 reps 1 time. My arms were worked at the end of it!

Sets looked like this:

Bicep Curls

Single Arm Fly with dumbbell

Overhead tricep extension with cable

3 sets with heavy weight, 1 with light (for example I did 20 lbs/hand for the bicep curls and then dropped it to 12)

Assisted Pull-Ups

Cable Rows

Front shoulder raises

Same: 3 sets of 8 with heavier weights and then dropped it for the last set of 20

I finished with rotating planks, crunches, and reverse crunches.

After that I got a quick protein smoothie since I needed to run errands and then for lunch I made scrambled egg white with pepper and a touch of chipotle pepper (3 egg whites, 1 egg)

As a side/dessert I cut up a pear and some Gouda cheese. Cheese is one of those in moderation foods, it is higher in fat etc but it’s a good source of Calcium and some fat in your diet is essential (just a friendly reminder).


Arms shot for the day:



20 Jun

After pole yesterday I was bruised and sore (no rude comments…) so I took today off to take care of other things. I ran a ton of errands I’d been putting off, took some practice tests for my NCLEX, and got some things in line to get my wedding invites ready. All that means that it’s going to be a food post today 🙂

For breakfast I made oatmeal. The grocery store was out of the flavored oatmeal I usually buy so I’ve been making my own:

1 package (about 1 C) of oatmeal

blueberries and strawberries to taste

1/2 tbsp Truvia

It was good but sweet, maybe less Truvia.

AM snack was an apple and the carrot cake protein bars on the go

The rest of the day was a clean out the fridge because I forgot to defrost some meat day… yep. Turned out pretty well. Lunch was 2 turkey meatloaf muffins, brown rice and beans, and snow peas.

Afternoon snack was coffee… which doesn’t really count.

For dinner I cooked for me and my dad; he said he liked it (so there ya go, no more “healthy doesn’t taste good” excuse).

Cajun flavored Chicken Sausage (organic, no additives the ingredients are literally: chicken, onion, and the four or five spices they use)

Rice cooked in chicken broth (stole this from my Aunt: made it with no salt added, all natural broth)

1/2 onion

1 red pepper

1 tbsp garlic (or to taste)

black pepper to taste

1 cup water

I cooked the onion in the broth while bringing it to a boil and then added in the rice, peppers, and chicken sausage while lowering the heat to a simmer: when it was close to done I added in the garlic, water, and pepper and let it simmer a bit longer. It turned out really well, I’m excited I have some left over!

More recipes and workouts…

18 Jun

Alright, back to a semi-normal post… Today was good, after my EMT class I came home and got to talk to future hubby and then took my dog, Boomer, for a run. Now the run turned into more of a walk/run; if you’ve ever tried running with a Border Collie, that tends to be how it goes. But we went about 2 miles and then I came home and did an Ab work out, incorporating some of my chiropractic exercises:

Bird/Dog (I think that’s what it’s called)

20 Leg raises/leg (but reverse, I lay on my stomach and then lift my legs up one at a time)

20 crunches

20 leg raises (normal)

20 side crunches/side

20 reverse crunches

Then for dinner I improvised with an old recipe, it turned out really well:

Chicken Marinade-

6 oz greek yogurt (I used Chobani since it comes in individual packages)

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp olive oil

3/4 tsp ginger

1/4 tsp cumin

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp diced green chiles (optional)

sea salt and pepper to taste

*We grilled the chicken and some red and orange peppers, I made quinoa and used the left over marinade to flavor that. Everything combined was so tasty!

Yesterday, for father’s day, I took the day off to study and spend time with the family. Saturday I did arms, I’d love to tell you that workout but, I didn’t write it down and have already forgotten. 🙂 No worries, there will be another one this week. Tomorrow though I’m going to pole with a friend, trying a new class so that should be fun!


Carrot Cake Bars and outdoor gear

16 Jun

I haven’t made it to the gym yet today but I have some fun things to write about before I do…

First, a shout out for those outdoorsy people who follow, there is a new store that opened in MN called Tradition Creek. I went to the grand opening today and it looks great! Great prices for hiking, camping, etc. Hopefully this summer I’ll get some more hiking and outdoors time in, it’s been awhile unfortunately. For those a little farther away from us, check out the website: Plus, it’s a small business, so I think it’s always good to support small companies (and you generally get better customer service). Okay, done advertising 😉

Second, and possibly more important depending on what your interests are… protein carrot cake! I made Jamie Eason’s recipe for the first time today (along with the usual brownies and turkey muffins) and they are SO GOOD. Get over the fact that you cook with baby food and try them:

1 C oat flour (I used a GF mix)

3/4 C Splenda or Truvia

2 scoops Vanilla Whey Protein

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg (slight change from her recipe)

4 egg whites

8 oz carrot baby food

4 oz water

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

Mix all ingredients together, pour into greased baking pan and bake at 350 for approx 20 min (Mine were done in 18) 94 calories! Jamie’s website isn’t clear on whether it’s 94 Cal a bar or a serving but based on the ingredients I’m guessing a serving which is 2-3 bars. Plus 10 grams of protein and only 1.25 grams of fat. Enjoy!

Legs, Poles, and Chiropractors…

14 Jun

I am finally going to a chiropractor tomorrow, which is long overdue. I hurt my back 5 years ago and have had back pain ever since, I get massages fairly regularly which helps but everyone swears I need to see a chiropractor. I asked one of my friends (who conveniently graduated chiropractor school) for a recommendation and turns out, he just moved back to MN also. Perfect. So that’s on tap for tomorrow… we’ll see how it goes! Maybe it’ll help with all my other joints that snap, crackle, pop.

Today I went to pole again with some friends, I know it sounds silly to some of you but it really is a great workout!

Yesterday was legs and core, felt it a little bit today which is always a plus 🙂

2 min rotating plank

24 lunges with weight (12/leg)

30 side lunges on bosu (15/leg)

50 mountain climbers with hands on medicine ball

*3 sets

15 sumo squats with weight

20 squats + medicine ball toss (squat down as you come up, throw ball, catch and immediately go back down)

15 dead lifts with dumbbell

*3 sets

15 reverse crunches with medicine ball (squeeze ball in between your knees as you curl them up)

15/leg hip extensions with dumbbell tucked behind knee

*2 sets

And then I biked for 25 min before coming home to make dinner. I made grilled pork chops (center cut…less fat) with corn and salad. It was a tasty summer dinner! I’ve been snacking on lots of berries and apples, that is one of my favorite things about summer; all the fresh fruits and veggies!

Another big thank you to Scott Traczyk Photo. Here’s a great legs shot from last week to go with the workout:




Sneak Peek Picture!

12 Jun

Sneak Peek Picture!

No excuses: Photo by Scott Traczyk