Progress and Boxing

1 Jun

Once again, I am reminded how much boxing kicks my butt. Today I was with a trainer again and 30 of the 45 min was boxing (the rest was abs). Boxing 30 min is way harder than just working it into my circuits but it was great! It also reminded me I need to up my cardio… There’s not much point in my typing out how many jabs etc we did (partly because I don’t exactly remember) but I will say if your gym offers a boxing class, try it! Or if there’s a gym around you that offers kickboxing classes, it might be worth looking into. Great cardio and sculpting

Also, thought I’d post a picture from my last pole class in Baltimore. It shows my arm progress more than anything but I’m looking forward to trying to find a new studio here in MN. As always if you don’t have a helpful, or at least polite comment, don’t put it.



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