Legs and photo shoots

3 Jun

Oh boy, it has been a busy week with trying to settle in and at the same time network with some photographers here in MN. I was supposed to have a last minute shoot set up today (it got cancelled) so yesterday at the gym for legs I did higher reps and low weight and then cardio. Pretty basic:

2 min plank

20 squats with 15 lb dumbbells

20 sumo squats with 35 lb dumbbell

20 lunges/leg

*3 sets

20 step-back lunges

20 squats on a Bosu

20 cable oblique twists/side

*3 sets

Then I did 25 min on a treadmill alternating between side shuffles and jogging on an incline


Unfortunately, the shoot got cancelled today. As I said I’m new to this and networking with some other new photographers in MN. However, that means I don’t know most of them and a lot don’t have a reputation built up (to be fair, just like me). So future hubby and Dad wanted me to have someone with me since the shoot was supposed to be at a park…understandable. But the photographer wasn’t comfortable, also understandably, being watched over while shooting so we scratched it.

Anyone have experience on either side of that? I’ve seen the arguments from both ways and don’t know a good solution. A park can be a big open place for something to go wrong, but it’s also a public place where a lot of people could be around. I mean I like to believe I’m invincible and all, but reality is I’m a fairly small person who could be overpowered. Maybe, like I’m doing for my next shoot, I just have someone drop me off and pick me up. Still leaves the in between time but provides a safety net and keeps honest people honest. This is why I like gym shots, good public environment with lots of built in safeties. Any thoughts?


One Response to “Legs and photo shoots”

  1. Mark Spurbeck June 4, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    I would think that any professional photographer worth a damn wouldn’t care if another person was around. I’d stay away. Doesn’t mean this person had nefarious plans, but still, if you can’t shoot with someone watching – that doesn’t inspire much confidence. You’re smart to have someone there with you. Good luck!

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