Take 2

4 Jun

Alright, new shoot set up for tomorrow which meant high cardio day today. I did arms yesterday so today I did the stair stepper for cardio (I forgot how much that sucked… but in a good way). I also did abs since tomorrow is an outdoors swimsuit shoot and… who doesn’t want great abs 😉

Abs/some legs:

20 Sit-up to stand on Bosu

15 leg pull-ins on stability ball

15 hamstring curls on stability ball

20 oblique twists with ball/side (lay on the ground with your knees over the ball: use your abs to roll the ball from side to side as far as you can and then back to middle)

*2 sets

20 sit-ups on incline

20 leg lifts on incline

20 twists on incline (sit up, twist side to side, lay back)

*2 sets

The shoot tomorrow is with Judd Furlong: http://www.juddfurlong.com/ I’m excited to see how it goes!


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