Life’s Challenges

8 Jun

I think moving is always challenging. Your whole routine gets thrown off and it takes time to get into a new one. The first couple weeks back in MN have been nice but it’s been a lot of spending time with family (which has been great) and trying to get re-organized. So, while I’ve been getting to the gym about 4-5 times a week, I still feel completely thrown off. Maybe it’s because my diet’s changed a bit, which is my own fault. It’s been hard living back at home and still maintaining all my habits from living by myself; I guess my newest challenge will be blending the two and I’m just going to have to up my self-control and remember that just because it is there or already made doesn’t mean I need to eat it. What are some of your challenges living with roommates or family?

One thing I’ve decided is that after this week I’m going to get my routine and habits back in check before scheduling more photo shoots. They’re fun and a step towards what I want but if I’m not getting in my diet and gym time, they’re kind of pointless.

Anyway, onto workouts! Since it’s been a week with 2 photo shoots and some back and forth, workouts have been a little different than usual. Yesterday I did a cardio/core circuit with a “bootcamp” class and then did my arms on my own since I have a fitness shoot tonight. Looked like this:


20 bicep curls

20 overhead tricep extensions

20 single arm flys/arm

20 lat pull-downs

*3 times

20 reverse cable flys/arm

20 cable flys/arm

20 squats with hammer curl

*2 sets

Circuit from Bootcamp-

1 min jump rope

1 min bosu side squats (stand on the Bosu, step one foot down to the floor, squat, step back up)

1 min side shuffles

1 min crab lifts (get in a crab position, bring your foot up and touch it with opposite hand, alternating)

1 min mountain climbers with hands on a medicine ball (this was a challenge!)

*2 circuits

Then we did some abs and side lunges with the medicine balls and I did 25 min of intervals on a stationary bike


One Response to “Life’s Challenges”

  1. Nicole June 8, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    I think Steven and I kind of egg each other on. After we moved in together, we’d have wine every night because we were just used to having wine we’d have dinner together, but suddenly we were having dinner together every night and that just wasn’t healthy (and was breaking the bank!). We’s also go to the store and buy a bunch of stuff we just really didn’t need. I started getting ice cream and snack foods. When I was living alone, I really never snacked. It was really strange, but after about a month now we’ve started to get back into some better habits and routines. It’s definitely a huge adjustment from living alone.

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