Legs/ Cardio circuit

9 Jun

Just had 30 min for a workout today so, had to make the most of it! I used the Nike Training App and did 2 “get focused” workouts for legs. It was a great workout, all based on time so looked like this:

1 min alternating step back lunges

1 min squat jumps

1 min deadlift

1 min “jump wood chops”

1 min side lunge with rotation

*3 sets, so 15 minutes without rest if possible

I rested 2 min and then did the second workout:

1 min side lunge

1 min squats

30 sec squat jumps

30 sec ski jumps

1 min “around the world lunge” (you do a front lunge, side lunge, back lunge all with the same foot and then alternate sides)

30 sec split jumps

30 sec recover

*3 sets, again 15 min with only the 30 second recovery if you can.

Off to the grocery store to get some more healthy options in the house. I think my strategy will be to keep all my healthy snacks etc always in stock so it’s not AS tempting to reach for cookies or other less healthy options that are around. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. I think tomorrow I’ll have to make time for cooking some protein bars etc to keep on hand, it’s been a busy weekend! Funny how I thought after graduation things would calm down; I just keep finding new ways to fill my time.


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