Legs, Poles, and Chiropractors…

14 Jun

I am finally going to a chiropractor tomorrow, which is long overdue. I hurt my back 5 years ago and have had back pain ever since, I get massages fairly regularly which helps but everyone swears I need to see a chiropractor. I asked one of my friends (who conveniently graduated chiropractor school) for a recommendation and turns out, he just moved back to MN also. Perfect. So that’s on tap for tomorrow… we’ll see how it goes! Maybe it’ll help with all my other joints that snap, crackle, pop.

Today I went to pole again with some friends, I know it sounds silly to some of you but it really is a great workout!

Yesterday was legs and core, felt it a little bit today which is always a plus 🙂

2 min rotating plank

24 lunges with weight (12/leg)

30 side lunges on bosu (15/leg)

50 mountain climbers with hands on medicine ball

*3 sets

15 sumo squats with weight

20 squats + medicine ball toss (squat down as you come up, throw ball, catch and immediately go back down)

15 dead lifts with dumbbell

*3 sets

15 reverse crunches with medicine ball (squeeze ball in between your knees as you curl them up)

15/leg hip extensions with dumbbell tucked behind knee

*2 sets

And then I biked for 25 min before coming home to make dinner. I made grilled pork chops (center cut…less fat) with corn and salad. It was a tasty summer dinner! I’ve been snacking on lots of berries and apples, that is one of my favorite things about summer; all the fresh fruits and veggies!

Another big thank you to Scott Traczyk Photo. Here’s a great legs shot from last week to go with the workout:




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