Arms and Food

23 Jun

Happy weekend everyone. I had a lot of people tell me they liked the posts where I was putting info about what I was eating so I will try to get better about doing that more often! Let me know any other suggestions etc, I always take them into account and do my best to make it work.

Today I tried something different at the gym. I did heavier weight for 8 reps 3 times and then dropped the weight to do 20 reps 1 time. My arms were worked at the end of it!

Sets looked like this:

Bicep Curls

Single Arm Fly with dumbbell

Overhead tricep extension with cable

3 sets with heavy weight, 1 with light (for example I did 20 lbs/hand for the bicep curls and then dropped it to 12)

Assisted Pull-Ups

Cable Rows

Front shoulder raises

Same: 3 sets of 8 with heavier weights and then dropped it for the last set of 20

I finished with rotating planks, crunches, and reverse crunches.

After that I got a quick protein smoothie since I needed to run errands and then for lunch I made scrambled egg white with pepper and a touch of chipotle pepper (3 egg whites, 1 egg)

As a side/dessert I cut up a pear and some Gouda cheese. Cheese is one of those in moderation foods, it is higher in fat etc but it’s a good source of Calcium and some fat in your diet is essential (just a friendly reminder).


Arms shot for the day:



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