Legs and weekend meals

25 Jun

Oh, Mondays… when you have two options: start the week off right or complain about it being a Monday. Make your happy 🙂

This morning I was reminded of the need to always have something good to snack on in the house. I was out of eggs and oatmeal so I grabbed a protein bar and got a skim latte on my way to class (hence, have protein bars around…)

Yesterday I did legs… feeling a little worn out today so I just did a 10 min ab workout and later tonight I’m going to bring my dog for a run. Legs were all light weight/body weight but with very little rest so that my heart rate was up for almost the whole workout.

20 squats with medicine ball throw (squat, as you come up throw the medicine ball straight into the air, catch it and immediately squat again)

10 round-house kicks/leg on the heavy bag

1 min toe-taps on a Bosu (hop foot to foot just tapping the top of the Bosu with your toe)

24 walking lunges (so 12/leg)

*3 sets

15 hip extensions with weight tucked behind knee (the one where you’re on all fours and raise your foot up to the ceiling)

15 leg pull-ins on ball (position that my banner picture shows and then bend your knees to pull your legs in to your chest)

15 hamstring curls on ball

20 crunches, next set 20 reverse crunches

*2 sets

20 min on a treadmill with 1 min intervals

Food yesterday was good. For breakfast I made Oxygen’s Protein Pancakes using bananas as my fruit and added in cinnamon and then for lunch we had scrambled eggs with bacon (again… moderation is key). Dinner I went to my sister’s where they had grilled chicken with a bruschetta topping and salad. It was delicious… healthy was slightly off set by a couple glasses of wine over board games but, so it goes.


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