Personal Bests

30 Jun

I have no idea where the month of June went, but all of a sudden it’s over. I guess that’s expected with all the changes happening, I just hope I get everything accomplished this next month!

Yesterday was arms but I only had an hour and I’m really trying to up my cardio so I did shorter sets than usual but still def. worked it. I mentioned I’m trying to do 3 heavy sets and then 1 light, so yesterday I did 2 heavy before my light. I was proud of myself, I hit personal bests in a couple of these for how much weight I lifted 😀 Which is always a reminder that I need to be competing against myself. Reach for your personal bests or celebrate dropping a size (or depending on your goal, increasing your measurements). Sounds cliche, I know, but you’ll always find someone who you think looks better than you so, just make sure to keep your own progress in mind.

Then I did 15 min on a stair-stepper and another 10 on the treadmill doing incline intervals (instead of speed).

Arms looked like this:

8 Bicep Curls

8 Single Arm Cable Flys/arm

8 Single Arm Cable Reverse Fly/arm

8 Overhead Tricep Extensions

*2 sets, then for the last set drop your weight (to about half of your max weight) and do 20 more reps per exercise

8 Cable Rows

15 push-ups on Bosu (put if blue side down so your arms are stabilizing, feet on the floor)

20 incline sit-ups with medicine ball

*3 sets

Ended with:

20 Squat/throws with medicine ball

20 Sumo squat/throws with medicine ball… might have been arms day but legs can always use a little push

2 min of rotating planks: I changed this per my chiropractor, I’ve been doing 15 sec/side and then 15 sec rest

20 Crunches with legs up, weight plate on my legs (bend your knees so your shins make a table for the weight)

20 Russian twists with weight plate

Then I did my cardio.

It’s been a weird diet week, I’m not really sure why. I’ve been fasting at weird times for some testing so, look later this week for better recipes and diet ideas! Tomorrow I will for sure be making those Jamie Eason carrot cake bars again though.


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