Random Thought

30 Jun

For those who follow, sorry for sending another message, but I just had to share this insight.

Today, for a medical test I’m doing, I was not allowed to eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, or dairy. Literally the list of foods I could eat was “eggs, chicken, turkey, white rice, candy without corn or nuts in it.” Oh, and I can only put salt and pepper, no other seasonings. I ate eggs for breakfast with black coffee, grilled chicken with white rice for lunch, I gave in and had some Swedish fish (which I think I messed up since they have corn starch so I guess I just have to hope it doesn’t throw off the test), and then more grilled chicken with white rice for dinner… why am I telling you all this?

Because I am starving! I do not understand how people get full without eating their fruits and veggies or by eating a lot of processed food. I mean, I’m a relatively small person and I am having to use some serious self control right now. So, for anyone questioning if eating healthy is cheaper or better or whatever excuse… I ate way more quantity today than I do when I get to eat those foods. Yeah my grocery bill might be higher but I’d bet I don’t have to eat as much of what I buy to feel full, so in the long run… I don’t believe that it’s terribly more expensive.

…Just my thoughts for what they’re worth.


One Response to “Random Thought”

  1. artisticalholla July 3, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    OMG! I had a petscan a couple weeks back and couldn’t eat sugary veggies (like tomatoes, carrots), fruit or carbs. This wouldn’t have been so bad except, well, I’m vegan too!! Lol I just about died. But I did well, the doc gave me a gold star the next day for my glucose level being so low! Ha! A bit off topic sorry : ), but yes I was dying without my fruits and some of the veggies and without the whole grains!

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