Adventures with Zucchini

17 Jul

I have to admit, my life has been taken over by wedding plans and NCLEX studying. So, if I’m not posting as often, please be patient I promise it’ll pick back up soon (I take my test the 26). Today I went to pole so tomorrow will be a gym day and I will try to post that workout. BUT tonight I made the healthy parmesan chicken I had posted before: and made parmesan crusted zucchini to go with them.

The zucchini didn’t get as crunchy as I hoped but it was still tasty and very easy! I put the chicken in for the 45 min at 400 degrees and then at the 25 min mark I put in a separate tray with zucchini so they came out at the same time. Very simple:

Slice zucchini into thin “chips”

spray both sides of zucchini with canola oil

place on baking tray

sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese

cook at 400 for 25-35 min (*when I was looking online they all varied in temps. and time, maybe that’s why mine were a little soft)

I bought a couple eggplants the other day so my next adventure will be deciding what to do with those. Any suggestions?


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