Reality check

19 Jul

Someone asked me the other day if I really eat clean all the time… I had to stop myself from laughing because no, I cheat just like everyone else. Now, if I’m training for something or trying to cut more weight etc, then yes but then I also cut out my wine with friends/family and some other foods. I do eat gluten free all the time but that is because of medical reasons, not a diet.

Fitness isn’t about being perfect 100% of the time, it’s a lifestyle. You’re going to have days where you just want pizza for lunch or the chocolate cake is calling your name and that’s okay! If you can wait and eat that right after your workout, that’s the best time but sometimes workout days and food craving days just don’t coincide. My biggest set back used to come from being the person who said “well, I already had the chocolate might as well eat a couple more and start again tomorrow…” Sometimes I still slip into that habit and that’s what you set yourself up for when you completely deprive yourself of foods you really enjoy. If your goal is to get healthy and fit (i.e. not compete etc), enjoy your “guilty pleasures”! Just do it in controlled portions… and probably not every day.

Which, by the way, is why I don’t make batches of brownies… I can’t handle controlled portions with brownies so I just go and buy one when I want one or make the batch as a gift for someone and steal one before packaging them up 🙂


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