22 Jul

Well today a nap outweighed a workout after studying and running some wedding errands so I’ll probably go for a run with my dog later but I wanted to post my leg work-out from yesterday.

5 min bike warm-up

24 walking lunges with weight (12/leg)

12 squats on Bosu ball (I flipped it so I was standing on the black part)

15 round-house kicks/leg on heavy bag

*3 sets

12 Sumo Squats

12 dead lifts (new personal best for weight!)

45 sec of “hop ups” onto bench (I meant to take a video but forgot, so put one foot up on the bench, hop up and switch your feet so you land with the other foot on bench)

30 sec side lunges on Bosu

*3 sets

30, 15/leg: Get in a plank position on your hands, bring your knee up to the opposite elbow so you twist and then switch legs

15 hip extension/leg with dumbbell behind knee

1 min wall sit

*2 sets

Then stretched out for a good 10-15 min, which felt great. As always try to do the workout with as little time in between each exercise as possible. I rested about 30-45 seconds in between sets and took a little bit longer rests before switching to the next circuit.




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