Oatmeal Cookie Review

26 Jul

Well the test is over… I won’t know the results for a couple days though.

However the oatmeal cookies… not so successful. The taste was good but the texture was all wrong! They were fluffy and personally, if I’m going to eat oatmeal cookies I want them to be as close to the real thing as possible. So I think next time less egg whites and maybe add in some peanut butter or dark chocolate chips… I’ll keep trying, I’d love any ideas or recipes you all have!

After the test I came home and just watched a TV show until I could think about anything other than the test. Then I went to a noon pole class at Knockout, ran some errands, and Boomer and I are about to go for a walk because it is beautiful outside here! Finally a warm day that isn’t too hot and isn’t raining.


What do you think?

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