Leg Circuits

29 Jul

So, I have hit 90 days until my wedding. Which means, like most other brides, I have a new sense of urgency in my workouts. I know it’s silly… but it’s true.

Legs were rough today, looked like this:

30 lunges with weight

30 box jumps (I use a weight bench when there aren’t boxes)

20 deadlifts with weight

30 side “jump-ups” *Stand next to the bench (or box etc) and put your inside foot up, jump up and switch feet so you land on the other side with the opposite foot up… keep alternating.

*3 sets

15 squats with weight

15/leg side step-ups with kick (this one I need to take a video of because it’s hard to explain but: stand next to the bench and put one foot up. As you step up onto the leg, kick the outside leg out to the side as high as you can)

20 leg lifts

*3 sets

20 sumo squats

12 step-ups/leg

20 squats on Bosu

*2 sets

Then I did 20 min of intervals on the bike and stretched out. It was a tough workout but it felt great to finish it.


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