Arms and tweaked recipes

18 Aug

Happy Saturday! I leave tomorrow night for my next trip to see future hubby (yay!) so no promises on the next post for a week or so…

Today I went to the gym and did arms with some abs. It was a little bit of everything since tomorrow I’ll get in cardio before my flight and then it’ll be a couple days until I can see a gym again. I also made those mini-quiche again but with a couple changes I’ll put at the bottom of this post.

I’ll post the workout but first random gym etiquette comment/question: Guys, does grunting etc really help you lift? There’s a certain gym member who, I swear, every time he lifts makes me concerned he’s having a heart attack. Aside from it being distracting he then drops the weights when he’s done so, the whole nine yards. I keep my music pretty loud on my iPod and I can hear him clearly through it. What do you think? Against gym etiquette or just someone who needs to vent at the gym?

Okay, I digress, the arm workout:

20 bicep curls

20 dumbbell rows

20 overhead tricep extensions

15 lateral to front shoulder raises

*2 sets

20 hammer bicep curls

12 lateral shoulder raises with hands turned down (palms back instead of forward)

8 pull-ups on assisted machine

20 tricep dips

*2 sets

12 single arm cable flys (R arm)

12 reverse single arm cable flys (R arm)

8 bicep curls with heavier weight

12 flys (L arm)

12 reverse flys (L arm)

8 bicep curls

**I was rotating into the cables so I did one arm at a time, in between the next sets I did crunches on the incline with a weight plate. I did 2 sets of each fly/arm and then finished with some abs and stretching.


For the quiche… I used the same recipe as:

But instead of 12, I had 8 pieces of turkey bacon which I pre-cooked and mixed into the egg mixture before baking. I liked it better actually and since it was less bacon, it had less calories and less fat. I also did 1/2 C whole milk and 1/2 C 1% milk but that was just for personal taste. They’re great to freeze and reheat later (the bacon mixed in instead of wrapped was also easier to reheat evenly)


What do you think?

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