25 Aug

I’d love to write a post and tell you I was great and got all my workouts in while I was abroad but… the truth is, I’m on crutches. Long story incredibly short, my leg gave out and I rolled my foot both in and down and am now on crutches and in a brace so I’ll keep posting recipes but probably won’t be getting in a lot of workouts in for another week or so. :-/ I’ll keep up abs and things I can do seated but until I can get into my doctor (as opposed to the ER I went to) it’ll be very low key.

That being said, my trip was wonderful! It was so great seeing future hubby and, in a weird way, the foot injury made it so we just hung out by the pool and enjoyed just spending some down time together which was the first in a very long time.




One Response to “Oops…”

  1. One Fit Mama August 25, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    Oh no! Take it easy.

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