Working out while injured

29 Aug

Realizing it won’t just be a couple days off my foot, I needed to do something… anything. So today I decided to try. It’s a pretty simple workout, just using what I had at home. I was mainly testing it out seeing what I could do. The increase of blood flow/movement def. made my foot hurt more so next time I’ll time my pain medicine better but it felt good to move around at least a little bit– now back to ice and elevation.

Side note: I had cereal for breakfast (I need to make more mini-quiche but the cooking thing is hard when I can’t hold things and my crutches) before my MRI and then had a protein shake before my workout. Chicken and green beans are waiting in the fridge.

Here’s the workout I did:

20 crunches with dumbbell- arms extended, feet up on couch
20 skull crushers with dumbbell
20 reverse crunch (crossed bad foot over good)
20 crunches
20 push-ups on knees
20 seated bicep curls
**2 sets

20 leg circles/leg (I was sitting with my legs extended straight in front of me, lift one leg at a time and move it in small circles off the floor, you can also do it sitting in a straddle to work different muscles)

15 straddle leg circles/leg
20 seated tricep dips (this stretched more than really worked since it was just my upper body moving but it felt good)
**1 set

15 lateral shoulder raises
20 oblique crunches/side (for this I had to play with where to put my legs instead of just curling them both on top of each other but made it work by basically keeping the bottom leg straighter and the top leg holding itself in the curled position)
**2 sets

I was moving slower than normal (obviously) but I also think it’s in part needing to get used to the different way of working out. Some friends have sent me a couple different workouts tailored for injured athletes so I’ll keep taking different things from different workouts and keep you updated! I still think the biggest thing will be eating clean, which hasn’t been my strong point since moving home.


One Response to “Working out while injured”

  1. funkyfitnesspdx August 29, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    Definitely feel your pain! I just got over a bad neck sprain, and had to figure out how to adapt some kind of at home workout. It wasn’t much but it was something and made me feel better about being out of the gym for so long.

    Good luck with your foot, hope you heal quickly!

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