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Bruschetta… as promised

30 Sep

So, it becomes instantly less healthy if you make it with the baguette as they have it but the recipe is here:

My sister said she just grilled 3 lb of chicken, chopped it up, and added it in.

Slow Progress

30 Sep

Well, I may have overdone it a little bit… I had that great workout (Wednesday) and then the next day went and shadowed in an ER for 8 hours. So by the time I made it through physical therapy Friday morning my foot was not happy, like sharp stabbing pain not happy, so… had to take a couple days off.

However up until that point, I got to try lunges at physical therapy– as long as it was just split lunges and the injured foot was in front it was tolerable. I haven’t been able to try it with the foot back or stepping lunges but, baby steps. And I have been walking more and more without the boot so my legs are starting to feel semi-normal again. I’m just trying to at least stretch out everyday. Physical therapy in the morning tomorrow and then hopefully a good tricep and abs workout after that 🙂

I had my second and final bridal shower this weekend which was a lot of fun. One of my best friends surprised me by coming, we played silly girly games, and had great food (including pumpkin cupcakes… oops). I’m working on getting the recipe so when I do I’ll add it in (check back if interested) but, my sister made a yummy chicken bruschetta salad for lunch:

A Real Workout (even with a boot!)

25 Sep

PT went well this morning. It was mainly checking my baseline and giving me at home exercises until Friday when I go back BUT I get to start driving (short distances) as long as I bring the boot for when I’m walking and am weaning myself out of the boot with a goal of being basically out of it in a week.

Which means… I got to go to the gym today!!! And do the real bike! Is it weird that I’m super excited about that? To be fair, it’s also the first time I got to drive in a month so the sense of freedom was nice too 😉 Talked to the trainer…. he pretty much had the same ideas I did for leg exercises I could do until I’m out of the boot but I did add in dead-lifts with my arms today.

12 dead-lifts to bicep curl

12 cable reverse flys/arm

12 cable flys/arm

12 overhead tricep extensions

*3 sets

12 lat pull downs

12 cable rows (I felt weak on these… what used to be an easy weight was a struggle on the last set)

20 incline sit-ups with weight

*3 sets

20 MIN on the bike (okay so it hurt a little but… ice made it better) and then stretched out. It’s amazing how tight my leg muscles have gotten from not using them and sitting around so much, I’m hoping I can get them to loosen up quickly now that I get to be a bit more active.

Last night I made a grilled buffalo chicken that turned out really well and was super easy.

1/4 C Plain Yogurt

3/4 C Hot Sauce

1 tsp Honey

Dash of Garlic Powder

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce **make sure to read all the ingredients if you’re gluten free or make it yourself if you’re really adventurous

Marinade the chicken for 30 min or longer and then grill. I “served it” with celery

Balsamic Chicken and Leg “workout”

24 Sep

I have never been so excited to start physical therapy as I am for tomorrow (and I have had A LOT of PT). I should’ve asked him to prescribe it right away but… actually there’s no real reason I didn’t, just hoped the Dr. was right that it would heal on it’s own. So hopefully in another month I will have my full range of motion and strength in that leg back. When we went to Cirque yesterday all the walking was rough so I’ve spent most of today off of it again.

Anyway, today’s workout was legs. Started with 10 min on a recumbent bike… didn’t hurt as much this time but I really don’t like it, I’m excited to get back to the gym and use the “normal” bikes.

12 Single Leg Quad Extensions/Leg (I sat on the edge of a chair, put both ankle weights on my leg and kicked out mirroring the actions from a machine)

*3 sets

12 Hip extensions/leg with weight

12 hip abductor raises/leg with weights (see picture… another one that is obviously not mine)

12 hip adductor raises/leg (I couldn’t find a picture I like for this; lay on your side supporting your head, cross your top leg over the other so your foot is flat on the ground in front of the bottom leg, raise the lower leg up and down)

*3 sets

12 calf raises… these hurt so I couldn’t fully extend

*3 sets


And as promised, my attempt at the balsamic chicken. It turned out really well and it was the FIRST TIME I’ve ever had to grill by myself… I don’t know if that’s something to admit publicly but hey, I had to learn sometime!

Super easy:

1/2C Balsamic Vinaigrette (the original recipe called for Balsamic Vinegar which would have a stronger taste)

1/4C Olive Oil (*Optional if using a vinaigrette which will already have oil in it)

1 tsp minced garlic

1/4 tsp pepper

Combine all ingredients and marinade the chicken for 30 min- overnight and then grill. I then steamed broccoli and poured some of the left over marinade over it.

Here’s the link to the original recipe I found (same as I posted a couple days ago). She had a tomato/asparagus side with it.

Cirque du Soleil… motivation and a show

23 Sep

This morning I did 10 min on an exercise bike and then some foot/leg exercises… pretty basic for my ankle. But this afternoon I went to Cirque du Soleil, they are AMAZING. This is the second Cirque show I’ve seen and both times I leave motivated to live in a gym and have an overwhelming desire to become an acrobat.

For example (from their website)…



What acrobats/athletes motivate you?

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon & Eggs

22 Sep

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon & Eggs.

Anyone able to help her out?

Arm workout and Chicken Recipes

21 Sep

It’s been an emotional few days of ups and downs and not being able to run is killing me… but, I had coffee with a friend this morning (Pumpkin Chai, amazing) and then spent some time trying to process through everything. I made lunch (which was pretty good!) and got a semi-decent workout today.

12 bicep curls

12 overhead tricep extensions

15 lateral shoulder raises with resistance band

20 resistance band pull downs

*3 sets

20 crunches with weight: russian twists, reverse crunches (crunches 1st set, twists 2nd…)

15 skull crushers

15 push-ups with resistance band

*3 sets

Foot PT exercises (although, I’m getting impatient so I called my Dr. and set up real PT for next week… at least make sure I’m doing everything I can)


Here’s the lunch recipe… I forgot a picture:

Cajun Chicken Sausage (I use Bilinski’s)

Tomatoes (I used 2 medium ones, you could also buy a can of diced tomatoes no salt added)

2 stalks celery

canola oil spray

1 tbsp garlic

1/2C water

Dice celery and add that and garlic in pan over medium heat (spray pan before or spray celery with canola oil), after 5-10 min add in diced tomatoes and water (if you’re using canned, probably don’t need extra water). Simmer and add in chicken for 5 min (if sausage isn’t pre-cooked, add in with celery)

Tonight I’m going to make balsamic chicken and broccoli from:


Obviously not my picture. I’ll post one tomorrow with any changes I make!


19 Sep

True or False… 20-30 something’s can fight eating disorders by turning to “fitspirations” instead of “thinspiration”

While our country has a growing obesity problem it’s easy to overlook the other side of the spectrum. I was on Pinterest today while icing my foot (typical) and noticed multiple “fitspiration” labels on things. The only reference to this I’ve had before is “thinspiration” websites I researched during my health and exercise science days… which led me to think; do you believe that while we start to appreciate women with muscle and the toned look, we can use that to replace the idealism of “thin”?

**This being said, people can also take exercise too far in the name of fitness and it can become it’s own issue. I am not encouraging that, just pondering.

Working out while (still) injured

18 Sep

I had such a good weekend! I drove up to my future-in-laws on Friday and got to spend the evening with them before my first bridal shower on Saturday. It was so nice to be able to meet so many people my future hubby knew growing up! I never really understood his love for small towns (I was a suburb and city girl) but seeing everyone show up to meet me and support his family, I started to see his point 🙂 And then yesterday, future hubby’s leave orders came through so we got to book his ticket home for the wedding!

I didn’t break any ribbons for my rehearsal bouquet (which doubles for a bonnet…)


Today I spent my morning sorting wedding e-mails and details (I completely understand how people make a career out of wedding planning) and then got out of the house just to run some errands. I still can’t drive so I went out with my dad to the bank and grocery store. I like going and there were a ton of BOGO sales we got carrots, some cucumbers, and celery for great prices. I’ve even be able to stay off the crutches as long as I limit my time standing and use ice in between… long walks still need the crutches so I had to give up some share days in the OR this week :-/ But I do think it’s slowly getting better so I’m trying to keep my patience.

Today’s workout was better though, because I can put weight on it now I could move a little quicker between exercises and stand for the arm ones.

20 bicep curls

20 lateral shoulder raises

20 front shoulder raises

20 row to tricep kickback

**3 sets, I did higher reps because I was standing so wanted to keep the weights lighter on my foot

20 modified push-ups

12 hip extensions with weight

12 fire hydrants with weight

20 bridges

20 crunches

**3 sets, for the extensions and fire hydrants, tuck the weight behind your knee:

Then I finished with

30 seconds V-Ups

30 seconds scissors

30 seconds flutter kicks

30 resistance bands sit-ups: hook the band on your feet, holding it, lean back almost to the floor and then slowly sit back up:

Afterwards I made a smoothie with the vanilla whey protein, 1 C milk, 1 banana, and 1 tbsp of Peanut Butter.


Fitness Friday

14 Sep


I have not been very good about eating 100% clean and sticking to water and coffee (i.e. enjoying more wine with family and/or friends). I don’t know why but diet has always been the hardest part for me to stay consistent with as soon as I live with other people. I found this picture on pinterest and thought it was a good reminder for the weekend for everyone training for something specific or trying to lose those last few pounds. For me cheating on fitness is different for each person depending on your goals but the balance of eating well and getting your workouts in is always the same… it’s just the specifics that change.