Working out while injured… 2

1 Sep

WordPress wasn’t letting me post yesterday but this is what I had written…

Happy weekend! Hope you all have fun plans for the long weekend. I think since I’m still on crutches I’m going to be doing lots of wedding crafts and try to con someone into helping me bake my protein bars and quiches…

I just finished today’s workout but being injured has made me decide I should plan them out more so I can move through a little bit quicker, so I tried to do some legs today. I will say the only plus to crutches is my triceps look more defined after the past week… gotta find a silver lining right?

Here’s what I did:

15 hip extensions/leg… my boot adds some weight to my hurt foot and I used an ankle weight on my good leg

15 leg circles/leg

15 straddle leg circles/leg

20 abductor lifts/leg with ankle weight on good leg

20 adductor lifts/leg with ankle weight on good leg

*2 sets

20 bicep curls

20 lateral shoulder raises

20 front shoulder raises

12/arm dumbbell rows in modified push-up position

*2 sets

Abs for 1 set, focusing on lower abs with reverse crunches, leg lifts, bicycle with the ankle weight on good leg

…those are all the seated/kneeling leg exercises I’ve come up with. Since on the crutches the one leg is getting stronger I don’t want to make that difference greater unless I find out I’ll be on the crutches past Tuesday– there are some studies that show strengthening the strong leg still has positive effects on the injured leg… my theory is because any strength training builds muscle and therefore your body becomes more efficient overall.

Also, I’ve been contacted by to do a trial for them at the beginning of next year which I’m really excited about! It’s apparently going to be a new fitness tracker with “video-game like” levels so the more you do, the more rewards etc.This is the first I’ve heard of the site so I’ll be doing some more research but I’m excited to try it out. I’ll keep you posted. Have any of you used the site?


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