Working out while injured… 6

13 Sep

I spent my morning doing some medical research for my mom and working on wedding details (which I need to finish up soon) but had to take a break to get up and move around so I did a quick abs and legs workout.

Also! I finally was able to cook this morning since I didn’t have to stay completely on the crutches so I made my scrambled eggs and some fruit, and it only took like 10 minutes instead of the 30 it took when I attempted to do it myself on the crutches. I’m definitely moving slow and can’t stand very long/walk very far without it starting to throb so, the crutches are still around… but, I’m starting to actually believe I’ll be completely recovered for dancing at my wedding and hiking on our honeymoon and that is very exciting!

Here’s the workout from today:

20 crunches
20 oblique crunches/side
20 leg lifts with “pop” w/ ankle weights on both legs (I just put the one on the injured leg above my boot)
20 crunches with arms extended holding 15 lb weight
40 russian twists with weight

40 marches/leg with ankle weight (this was an old physical therapy one but it’s good for core balance, lay on your back with your knees bent, press your lower back into the floor and then lift one leg at a time)

30 bridges
12 hip extensions/leg with weights tucked behind knee
20 single leg quad extensions/leg using ankle weights
* 3 sets– I only did 2 sets of bridges because it started to hurt my foot during the second.

20 v-ups holding weight
20 sit-ups with weight

Lastly, I had a friend ask about what to buy to start a “home gym” so here’s what I choose to have:

5 lb dumbbells, 8 lb, 15 lb (I want 20 lb but am not going to add 40 lbs to shipping things to Japan so it’ll have to wait)

Ankle Weights

Resistance Bands (Yellow through Blue, the green one isn’t pictured)


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