Working out while (still) injured

18 Sep

I had such a good weekend! I drove up to my future-in-laws on Friday and got to spend the evening with them before my first bridal shower on Saturday. It was so nice to be able to meet so many people my future hubby knew growing up! I never really understood his love for small towns (I was a suburb and city girl) but seeing everyone show up to meet me and support his family, I started to see his point 🙂 And then yesterday, future hubby’s leave orders came through so we got to book his ticket home for the wedding!

I didn’t break any ribbons for my rehearsal bouquet (which doubles for a bonnet…)


Today I spent my morning sorting wedding e-mails and details (I completely understand how people make a career out of wedding planning) and then got out of the house just to run some errands. I still can’t drive so I went out with my dad to the bank and grocery store. I like going and there were a ton of BOGO sales we got carrots, some cucumbers, and celery for great prices. I’ve even be able to stay off the crutches as long as I limit my time standing and use ice in between… long walks still need the crutches so I had to give up some share days in the OR this week :-/ But I do think it’s slowly getting better so I’m trying to keep my patience.

Today’s workout was better though, because I can put weight on it now I could move a little quicker between exercises and stand for the arm ones.

20 bicep curls

20 lateral shoulder raises

20 front shoulder raises

20 row to tricep kickback

**3 sets, I did higher reps because I was standing so wanted to keep the weights lighter on my foot

20 modified push-ups

12 hip extensions with weight

12 fire hydrants with weight

20 bridges

20 crunches

**3 sets, for the extensions and fire hydrants, tuck the weight behind your knee:

Then I finished with

30 seconds V-Ups

30 seconds scissors

30 seconds flutter kicks

30 resistance bands sit-ups: hook the band on your feet, holding it, lean back almost to the floor and then slowly sit back up:

Afterwards I made a smoothie with the vanilla whey protein, 1 C milk, 1 banana, and 1 tbsp of Peanut Butter.



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