Arm workout and Chicken Recipes

21 Sep

It’s been an emotional few days of ups and downs and not being able to run is killing me… but, I had coffee with a friend this morning (Pumpkin Chai, amazing) and then spent some time trying to process through everything. I made lunch (which was pretty good!) and got a semi-decent workout today.

12 bicep curls

12 overhead tricep extensions

15 lateral shoulder raises with resistance band

20 resistance band pull downs

*3 sets

20 crunches with weight: russian twists, reverse crunches (crunches 1st set, twists 2nd…)

15 skull crushers

15 push-ups with resistance band

*3 sets

Foot PT exercises (although, I’m getting impatient so I called my Dr. and set up real PT for next week… at least make sure I’m doing everything I can)


Here’s the lunch recipe… I forgot a picture:

Cajun Chicken Sausage (I use Bilinski’s)

Tomatoes (I used 2 medium ones, you could also buy a can of diced tomatoes no salt added)

2 stalks celery

canola oil spray

1 tbsp garlic

1/2C water

Dice celery and add that and garlic in pan over medium heat (spray pan before or spray celery with canola oil), after 5-10 min add in diced tomatoes and water (if you’re using canned, probably don’t need extra water). Simmer and add in chicken for 5 min (if sausage isn’t pre-cooked, add in with celery)

Tonight I’m going to make balsamic chicken and broccoli from:


Obviously not my picture. I’ll post one tomorrow with any changes I make!


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