Slow Progress

30 Sep

Well, I may have overdone it a little bit… I had that great workout (Wednesday) and then the next day went and shadowed in an ER for 8 hours. So by the time I made it through physical therapy Friday morning my foot was not happy, like sharp stabbing pain not happy, so… had to take a couple days off.

However up until that point, I got to try lunges at physical therapy– as long as it was just split lunges and the injured foot was in front it was tolerable. I haven’t been able to try it with the foot back or stepping lunges but, baby steps. And I have been walking more and more without the boot so my legs are starting to feel semi-normal again. I’m just trying to at least stretch out everyday. Physical therapy in the morning tomorrow and then hopefully a good tricep and abs workout after that 🙂

I had my second and final bridal shower this weekend which was a lot of fun. One of my best friends surprised me by coming, we played silly girly games, and had great food (including pumpkin cupcakes… oops). I’m working on getting the recipe so when I do I’ll add it in (check back if interested) but, my sister made a yummy chicken bruschetta salad for lunch:


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