Legs!! Adapted workout for injury

1 Oct

I FINALLY got to do an adapted leg workout at the gym, it was awesome. I had to be careful and just do body weight etc. etc. but it feels like a real step in progress! Although, thank goodness for nice people because I did have to ask one of the guys to stand by the bench for a set of step-ups in case I fell… Should’ve asked him to take a picture too, oh well.

It took me some time because I had to go slow to make sure the weight was where it should be in the foot. I did 20 single leg squats on my hurt leg, 15 side lunges on the BOSU, and 20 forward lunges on the BOSU at physical therapy (all leading with my hurt foot) so the gym time looked like this:

20 squats (no weight)

20 bicep curls with weight

20 overhead tricep extensions

*3 sets (for the 3rd set I had to switch to single leg squats on my good leg)

12 step-ups onto a bench with my hurt leg on the bench

12 single leg squats on my “good” leg

12 dead-lifts

*2 sets

12 lat pull-downs

8 bicep curls

20 cable straight-arm pull downs

*2 sets

12 leg pull-ins on ball

12 hamstring curls on ball

20 weighted crunches

30 reverse crunches with weight

*2 sets

I was hurting at the end of it so stretched really well and came home to ice instead of trying to bike but it felt so great to feel like I was working that leg again. Of course, I’ll be good and just do the bike and abs tomorrow… I also get to go for my final wedding dress fitting!


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