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Thank you

16 Dec

So life got really crazy the past month… or three… I promise we’re working on getting internet set up in our house soon and then I will be back at posting. Thanks for hanging with me 🙂

Lunges, Lunges, Lunges and Dessert

4 Dec

Hi all, at Starbucks again 🙂

I’ve been getting better at getting my workouts in now that we’re at our own house. Even found the gym closest to us so I really have no excuses. My ankle’s still been bothering me so cardio hasn’t been what is should be but I’ve been sticking with the exercise bike (the normal one, not recumbent).

Yesterday I went with hubby and did 15 min on the bike and then used the BOSU for legs so I could get ankle stability in there. If you haven’t tried BOSU, and are looking for something new, give it a shot. In my opinion it’s incredibly versatile- anything from push-ups to squats and everything in between.

  • 20 step lunges/leg (if you haven’t used the ball, start with both feet on the ground and then the foot you step with goes up on the middle of the BOSU)
  • 20 calf raises
  • 20 BOSU squats (flip the BOSU so the blue side is down and step onto the black, legs about hip width for best balance)
  • 20 leg raises in Roman Chair “machine”
  • 20 incline sit-ups with weight*3 sets of all but because of my foot I did a reverse pyramid structure with everything other than the abs so 20 reps, 15, 12

Other than that I have been getting back into cooking and here there’s so much fresh fish that it’s pretty easy. The biggest challenge has been meshing hubby’s eating habits with mine but I think so far it’s been working well. I think part of it is I need to learn I don’t have to eat it just because it’s there. There’s nothing wrong with rice or bread but going from barely eating it to always having it in the house was a change… it is brown rice and whole grain though 🙂 And we keep finding new gluten free things at the commissary I want to try just so I know if it’s any good… that hasn’t helped. We’re getting there though and sometimes I forget balance is important so, I think it’s been good.

We’re having a Christmas party in a couple weeks so we’ve been trying some recipes for that which has been fun. One that went over particularly well and isn’t that bad (other than being high in fat) is a lemon cheesecake ball from Annie’s Eats:

8 oz cream cheese

2.5 tbs sugar

zest from a lemon

juice from half a lemon

gluten free graham crackers crumbled

Combine cream cheese and sugar until smooth, then mix in lemon and zest. Transfer to plastic wrap (or a ziplock if wrap is nowhere to be found…) and form into a ball. Place in fridge for at least 3 hours (or freezer for 1).

Once set, top with cookie crumbs and serve with apple:Image