“Killer Legs Come from Killer Workouts”

5 Aug

Leg Day!

I have physical therapy Monday and Tuesday this week and I know I won’t do legs on days that I have PT. So, today became leg day; since I’m working on correcting form/ incorporating physical therapy drills it’s a little bit different than normal but was still a good workout.

If you’re working out with an injury too, this is modified to my current ability level! Please work within your limits, one easy change is to take the weight out of movements.

3 sets:

  • 20 Clamshells with resistance band **keep abs tight during this
  • 15 Side Squats with resistance band/side
  • 12 step back lunges/side
  • 12 squats

1 set:

  • 20 crunches
  • 2 min plank

2 sets:

  • 20 round house kicks/leg with ankle weights
  • 12 deadlifts
  • 12 lunges/leg

2 sets:

  • 20 lying abduction and adduction exercises/side
  • 12 bridges

ImageNow time to stretch out, ice my foot and then get outside to enjoy the beautiful day we’re having here. Hope you all are getting to enjoy the weekend!

2 Responses to ““Killer Legs Come from Killer Workouts””

  1. Josh Rhyne August 5, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    Heyooo! just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post! Keep on posting!

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