2013… looking back to move forward

9 Jan

As I said in my last post I think 2013 was probably the busiest year of my life. Before moving forward I wanted to take a minute to look back at the highlights of everything we did and appreciate how far I’ve come, not just with finding balance in this fitness journey but life as the bigger picture.

In Jan. 2013, hubby and I were living in Japan and I was running my own personal training business while waiting to start work as a nurse at the Navy Hospital there.

Japan was a great adventure involving new foods, new travels, and life together as a married couple.

In May 2013 we moved back to the states, set up an apartment and I began the job search in DC to find my dream job as an ER nurse. Hubby was gone until Aug., when he finally moved back home and I started my current job. Oh, and we adopted our first dog. August also brought an unexpected loss which meant traveling to Oklahoma for a few days while starting my new job.

October brought our anniversary, buying our first house, and moving for both of us to be closer to work. Once settled in November we rescued our second dog and prepared to have our family out for the holidays. After a year full of joy and some sadness we are heading into 2014 expecting the unexpected as always but my resolution is to take care of myself… not just getting in workouts and balanced eating but taking time out for me. Which means getting back to writing and other things I enjoy. Time to smell the roses and all that.



One Response to “2013… looking back to move forward”

  1. Kim January 9, 2014 at 3:55 pm #

    Time for you = the most important time! Happy New Year.

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