Sunday Brunch

30 Mar

Short and sweet post…

We had a great weekend filled with dinners and housewarmings so this afternoon I’m making some granola and doing a bit of food prep. We had some friends over for brunch after church this morning and I made a breakfast casserole that my mom made when we were growing up. It’s always a hit at parties and it’s pretty much my go to for brunch (well that and mimosas).


Most of us hear casserole and think of creamy, fatty, delicious baked dishes. But, there are simple ways to make any dish a little healthier and fit into a healthy lifestyle. For example I make quick changes to my mom’s recipe… 1% or skim milk, whole grain bread instead of white bread, reduced fat cheese, more eggs less cheese and milk, and reduced sodium soup or make it at home.

People ask me all the time for advice or tips and tricks, the best advice I can give might be cliche but it’s true. Find small changes that you can add into your every day life that will make a big difference.


What do you think?

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