Leg workout, even with back injury

16 May

So along with being able to do cardio again I went through a list of different exercises with my PT and was finally allowed to put together a modified leg workout. The key was no dynamic movements (don’t stop reading) and I had to be able to keep my core supported the whole movement. Now if you have a back injury (or any injury) please work within your own limitations and ask your doctor or physical therapist before getting back to the gym. My workouts are very different than my normal to fit within the limits given to me.

Leg workout:

Warm-up: 2 sets:

  • 20 mini squats
  • 20 calf raises (body weight)
  • 20 walking mountain climbers (these were tricky to keep core neutral but I took it slow)

2 sets of 12, 1 of 20 (decreased weight for the set of 20)

  • Split lunges (12/leg)
  • Straight leg deadlifts

3 of 12:

  • Quad extension (seated machine)
  • Lying hamstring curls (especially with a back injury, important to watch form and push your hips into the pad)

2 of 12:

  • Seated leg press
  • Modified cable wood chops (it’s a PT exercise)

Then I came home and made some scrambled eggs and blackberries for my post workout meal/second breakfast. And right around then my dogs apparently decided I needed a good sprint workout (NOT PT APPROVED) and ran away. If you have dogs, I think this is the most terrifying feeling. I went to let them in from the backyard and they weren’t there. I was so scared they would get hurt (or stolen) I literally just took off running to find them when I realized they were gone… barefoot, in the rain, through my neighborhood. They are home safe and sound but I’ll be spending some time on a heating pad today.

They look so innocent

They look so innocent


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