A couple of firsts for the new week

19 May

Hello Monday!

My day kicked off with a bang. I begrudgingly got up a little earlier than normal after miss Maia would not stop barking for about 30 min. Went down to let the pups out and before I’d even shut the door I heard an awful squeal. The dogs had finally caught a groundhog… Poor little rodent didn’t make it and I was stuck scolding Maia and figuring out what to do with a dead groundhog. I think the dogs have a goal of giving me a heart attack this week between running away and attacking small animals- always while hubby is at work.

Once I got that under control I went to physical therapy and they did a lot of needling to try to get the discs back in place (as opposed to rotated) so that pretty much decided I would be taking today as an off day from workouts. Even still, it was so nice outside I had to find something to do… I decided to mow the lawn. For the first time in my life. I’m just going to admit it, it was harder than I thought! And the lawn is a lot less even than I thought. My day off turned into more of a workout than anticipated 😉

Other than that I went grocery shopping and got some meal prep done (Sante Fe chicken is in the Crockpot now, yum!). All in all a productive Monday.

As another first, one of my best friends decided to start a foodie blog.  She’s lost about 50 lbs and kept it off over the past year and we regularly compare recipes. You can check it out at Bland to Bold .

20140519-214011.jpgWhat “firsts” do you have planned? Are you starting any new projects?


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