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Orange Pork

31 Jul

Apparently this has been sitting in my drafts since Thursday… oops!

Yesterday (Wednesday) was busy, but a good busy. My house is finally put back together since we got home from Italy, I got a chance to have lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and I made a new recipe for dinner– I’ll post it at the end.

Before all that I got my morning workout in with one of my other friends. I used to dislike working out with people but lately I’ve found it helps motivate me a little more and holds me accountable. Plus it’s a great way to be able to catch up and not just go get food or drinks (though I like doing that too).

I started with 20 min of cardio for the first time in awhile! And then we did arms and back.

3 sets of each superset:
20 Walking planks on BOSU
12 TRX rows

12 Curls
12 TRX push ups (20 on the last set)
15 Tricep dips

12 Machine rows
12 Lat pull downs

I have a long day at work today with a meeting before and after my shift so today will be a rest day.

Oldie but goodie

Oldie but goodie

Last night’s dinner was a new pork recipe…

1 C orange juice
1 tbs gluten free soy sauce
3 garlic cloves- minced
1/2 red bell pepper- chopped
1/2 onion- chopped
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp ground ginger
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients except salt and pepper in sauce pan. Bring to boil until reduced by 1/4-1/2 and then reduce to simmer.

Season pork with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a second pan and sear pork on each side. Cook pork approx. 5-7 min longer (until almost cooked through). Transfer pork into sauce pan to finish cooking.

Cook until pork is cooked through and sauce has been reduced to a glaze.


Lunges for Legs

29 Jul

Today was my follow up with my back doctor. For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been having a lot more flare ups so we’re going to start trying some things other than just the physical therapy to get the pain under control. Fingers crossed something works, I’m so tired of feeling held back (or worrying I’m doing permanent damage when I just push through it).

Today was one of those days that I woke up with it bothering me so I did a fairly limited workout and didn’t use any extra weight. Here was the leg workout I did…

3 sets:

  • 20 lunges
  • 15 squats
  • 20 calf raises

2 sets:

  • 20 sumo squats
  • 20 ab bicycles

3 sets:

  • 20 lying hip abductors and adductors/leg
  • 15 hip bridges


Why I love the Fitness Community

22 Jul

Sometimes I get very self-conscious when my “real world” friends comment about my blog. Most of them are well meaning so I don’t know why it always makes me a little uncomfortable. I guess in my head I have my fitness community and then everyone else. And at the same time, sometimes I have a hard time writing about my workout rough patches because I worry about not being good enough to be a part of the fitness community.

But the past week has reminded me that 1. the fitness community is very real and 2. it’s made up of some pretty awesome people. Two bloggers who I really enjoy following both posted this week about being in “ruts”. I have to admit, I guess it’s going around. Ever since I hurt my back (for what seems like the never ending list of injuries) I’ve had a hard time getting my motivation back. Sure, I’ve been doing my at home workouts and my PT exercises but I haven’t really been pushing myself. I always feel like I have to dance around my ruts or “bad stretches” but here’s the thing… everyone in this community just supports each other. No one says “yeah, well, it happens” and excuses it, but everyone offers encouragement to get back to it AND encouragement to not tear ourselves up about it. Just another reminder that most the time our doubts are self-reflections, not actually what other people see or think about us.

self confidenceI had PT this morning so I did have to take it a little easier today but I used Nike Training Club to time myself and make the most of my 30 min. workout. Along with my PT core exercises, here was my arm and abs workout from today:

1 min shoulder press

1 min bicep curls

1 min tricep push-ups

1 min hammer curls

1 min bicep curls

1 min plank with rotation (alternating sides)

Repeat x3

Then I did the Nike Training Club Dynamic Yoga Workout and finished with some stretching.

I work tomorrow so it will be a Pilates or yoga workout at home after work but I’m excited to have Thursday and Friday to get back into the gym. I don’t normally plan out my workouts but I think to get past this motivation trouble I’ll plan them out before hand so I have to finish it before leaving the gym.

What other tricks or tips do you use to get past motivation ruts?

Happy Birthday to Me!

20 Jul

I love birthdays. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow that. They’re a way to mark whatever accomplishments or events you’ve had the past year- plus a way to celebrate whatever may come in the next year. What’s not to enjoy?

This weekend I got a couple good workouts in and Friday I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate. We went out in Old Town Alexandria (I love old town) and had a delicious steak dinner. Then Saturday a small group of girl friends and I went out to a vineyard in the area to enjoy a tasting and some girl time. I brought Maximus with me so we ended up not being able to do a tasting but we bought a couple bottles of wine and some cheese and prosciutto and enjoyed the lovely day outside. It was close to the perfect birthday weekend.


It has been an amazing past couple weeks but I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and back into the gym.

Gluten Free Italy

17 Jul

I am sorry I disappeared (again). But, we just got back from an amazing trip to Italy! When hubby and I first talked about going to Italy we were afraid I wouldn’t have anything to eat. After all, this is a country known for pasta and pizzas… What could possibly be gluten free? Turns out, everything.

Honestly it was easier to be gluten free there than it is in the states! In part because they recognize it as Celiac disease and not a fad diet (yes it will make me really really sick, no I don’t eat gluten free to stay thin). We had the best gluten free pastas I’ve ever had, delicious gluten free pizzas and even delicious gluten free cookies with macadamia filling from a street vendor by the Tiber in Rome.

gf pasta 1 GF pizza GF sandwich

It was AMAZING. If you’re planning on traveling to/around Italy, I suggest you learn one very important phrase… “Senza glutine” (without gluten/gluten-free). “Sono celiaco” is another good one but we had better luck with the first.

Now from a fitness point of view… We were bad. All that pasta and wine (and gelato) was certainly not in any diet plan. But we also walked everywhere and went hiking a couple days so, maybe it evened out? And if not, well, it’s a vacation and now back to the real world.