Why I love the Fitness Community

22 Jul

Sometimes I get very self-conscious when my “real world” friends comment about my blog. Most of them are well meaning so I don’t know why it always makes me a little uncomfortable. I guess in my head I have my fitness community and then everyone else. And at the same time, sometimes I have a hard time writing about my workout rough patches because I worry about not being good enough to be a part of the fitness community.

But the past week has reminded me that 1. the fitness community is very real and 2. it’s made up of some pretty awesome people. Two bloggers who I really enjoy following both posted this week about being in “ruts”. I have to admit, I guess it’s going around. Ever since I hurt my back (for what seems like the never ending list of injuries) I’ve had a hard time getting my motivation back. Sure, I’ve been doing my at home workouts and my PT exercises but I haven’t really been pushing myself. I always feel like I have to dance around my ruts or “bad stretches” but here’s the thing… everyone in this community just supports each other. No one says “yeah, well, it happens” and excuses it, but everyone offers encouragement to get back to it AND encouragement to not tear ourselves up about it. Just another reminder that most the time our doubts are self-reflections, not actually what other people see or think about us.

self confidenceI had PT this morning so I did have to take it a little easier today but I used Nike Training Club to time myself and make the most of my 30 min. workout. Along with my PT core exercises, here was my arm and abs workout from today:

1 min shoulder press

1 min bicep curls

1 min tricep push-ups

1 min hammer curls

1 min bicep curls

1 min plank with rotation (alternating sides)

Repeat x3

Then I did the Nike Training Club Dynamic Yoga Workout and finished with some stretching.

I work tomorrow so it will be a Pilates or yoga workout at home after work but I’m excited to have Thursday and Friday to get back into the gym. I don’t normally plan out my workouts but I think to get past this motivation trouble I’ll plan them out before hand so I have to finish it before leaving the gym.

What other tricks or tips do you use to get past motivation ruts?

4 Responses to “Why I love the Fitness Community”

  1. Ice_Badger July 23, 2014 at 4:27 am #

    I completely understand that wierd feeling when real life people comment on your blog.
    Sometimes friends of mine speak to me about what I have written in person and I always get a little bit freaked out…I forget that blog world doesn’t actually just live in my computer!

    as for ruts…I also feel a bit guilty writing about them, but as you say we all get them, injuries too, they happen sometimes and the most important thing is not to let them derail you altogether 🙂 (which I can see you aren’t!!)

    • fitandbusy July 24, 2014 at 10:10 am #

      Thanks for the support! And yes, it feels like when I’m writing it will just stay in the computer/on my website haha

  2. One Fit Mama July 23, 2014 at 12:59 pm #

    Ruts happen. So does life. And I totally get it. I actually get freaked out at my competitions when somebody says they have read my blog. I’m like… UH, OH. You know all about my freak outs during prep etc. But the reality is we are all just real people trying to stay accountable and sharing what we know. You’re doing great!

    • fitandbusy July 24, 2014 at 10:09 am #

      Thanks! I just need to stay out of my own head sometimes 😉

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